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According to Property Declarations

Wives in state institutions, wives in media outlets, wives at schools and universities, wives at home and in various institutions – the following information is provided by the property declarations of the members of the Georgian government and MPs.

Suicide of Status-Less IDP
72-year-old Malkhaz Maghaldadze, who fled from his house during the war in August of 2008, committed suicide.

MIA Keeps Names of Two More Detainees for Terrorist Act in Secret
Netgazeti was informed that law enforcement officers in Kutaisi detained five instead reported three suspects for the terrorist acts. However, the MIA spread information only about three detainees. The family members of one of the detainees did not know of their relative for a long time.

Sighnaghi – Town of Seized Properties
Tourist Company Ltd “NGC Tour” purchased the unused administrative building of the Culture and Rest Park in Sighnaghi in 2005. According to the purchase contract, the tourist company took responsibility to open its branch in Sighnaghi for the restoration of the Park and for the development of tourism.

Discussion in Tbilisi Human Rights House on Problems of Eco-migrants
On April 6 of 2011 the problems of eco-migrants and the victims of natural catastrophes was discussed at the round table in Tbilisi Human Rights House.

Teacher VS Mandatur and School Director
Non-governmental organization Article 42 of the Constitution sued the administration of the Tbilisi Public School # 8 at the Tbilisi City Court. The organization appealed against firing a teacher from school based on the mandatur’s complaint.

Draft report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review
 The Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), established in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 5/1 of 18 June 2007, held its tenth session from 24 January to 4 February 2011. The review of Georgia was held at the 9th meeting on 28 January 2011.

Tea Tsulukiani Thinks Tbilisi’s Position about Hague Court Judgment Is Irresponsible
Co-leader of the opposition political party Free Democrats Tea Tsulukiani thinks that the position of the official Tbilisi about the judgment of the UN International Court of Justice in Hague is irresponsible.

Protest Rally in front of Supreme Court Disbanded, Activists Arrested
The protest rally “I am a prisoner!” held on April 4th in front of the Supreme Court ended with the incident. The law-enforcement officials detained the members of Resistance Movement and the Civil Movement of IDPs.

President’s Administration Responds to Article “Letter Sent to President Returns” published on humanrights.ge
The Administration of Georgian President has responded to the article published on the internet-magazine of Human Rights Center – www.humanrights.ge – “Letter Sent to President Returns.”

English Teacher from Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) Dismissed from Program
Nicole Bedford, a national of the Bahamas and a participant of the Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) program describes the story of her employment termination in her blog. Human Rights Center contacted her through Skype and learned her story in detail.

Human Rights House Hosted Round Table on Freedom of Speech and Expression in Georgia
On April 1st, Tbilisi Human Rights House hosted the round table on Freedom of Speech and Expression in Georgia. Following NGOs participated in the round table: Human Rights Center, Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) and Article 42 of Constitution. The journalist Ia Antadze moderated the discussion.

Alarming Statistic of Domestic Violence in Kakheti
According to the survey of the“National Network of Protection from Violence”the highest rating of domestic violence was observed in Kakheti region. 92% of the interviewed people suffer from violence in their families; 86% is victim of physical assault; 67% permanently fears of attack from a family member. 64% of the victims were raped by their husbands; 29% was under physical or sexual oppression from the spouse during pregnancy.

Oppositional Eight to Leave Negotiation Table
The Oppositional Eight introduced the causes that prompted them to stop the dialogue with the Georgian government to Georgian Academy and NGOs. The opposition has been negotiating with the government regarding the issue of changing election environment for five months.

Batumi City Hall Left Poor People without Free Dinner
The Batumi City Hall reduced the rank of socially disabled people, who can have free dinner, from 70 000 to 57 000 points. As a result, more than 100 families remained without assistance. A local resident Vladimer Jgharkava applied to the Adjara office of the Human Rights Center for help.

State Appealing against Court Decision
The State is appealing against the Sighnaghi Court decision which envisages restoration of property right of Irish citizen Ciara Rosemarie O'Sullivan.

Families Without Electricity and Food Vouchers
Residents of Khevischala, Chartali, Cheremi and Shiraki villages in Kakheti region received neither electricity nor food vouchers. The villages have not been supplied with the electricity for almost 20 years and locals did not expect the electricity vouchers in its time.

Singer Gia Gachechiladze to Become 50% Share Holder of Maestro TV
Gia  Gachchiladze, alias Utsnobi (stranger) is going to be handed over 50 per cent of Maestro TV shares.
According to Bacho (Ilia) Kikabidze, Director General, Maestro TV the agreement was reached yet in 2006. 
Kakhi Kaladze Requests Release of Giorgi Demetradze
Kakhi Kaladze, captain of the Georgian football team requests release of the former member of team Giorgi Demetradze. His statement was spread via facebook on March 24th with the following title – “Release Unjustly Arrested Giorgi Demetradze!”

Georgian Soldiers Shooting near Davit Gareji
The Ministry of Defense categorically denies the renewal of the military trainings near Davit Gareji military shooting-range. The crew of TV-Company Maestro observed the explosions near the monastery and informed the public on the corresponding on March 20th in the reportage covered by the studio GNS.

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