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“Where is the Government?” – Asks Chairman of Adjara Government
Heavy snow has been falling in the mountainous Adjara region for three weeks now. Because of the blocked central roads to the villages, the local inhabitants face serious problems. During this time, the government of the Adjara Autonomous Republic has been in a deep hibernation.
American Journalist Jeffrey Silverman Beaten for the Fourth Time
 US former resident Jeffrey K. Silverman was beaten for the fourth time in Tbilisi. As he states to Human Rights Center, all the facts of the physical assaults are connected to his journalistic activity. Silverman avers that his persecution is directly organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Minister Vano Merabishvili and with the agreement of US authorities.
Overcrowded Detention Settings in Georgia and Inadequate Minister
The mortality among prisoners increases. In 2006-2009, 371 people died in the penitentiary institutions. The report of the Public Defender of Georgia states that average age of dead prisoners is 45.
Wages of Ministers and Other Public Officers of Adjara
Human Rights Center tried to ascertain how much was spent on the wages including the salaries, business trips and bonuses of public officers employed in different public departments of Adjara Autonomous Republic during 2010.
“We Were Expelled from Homeland and Now We Are Not Allowed to Send Chocolates to Our Children” – Georgian Emigrants Complain about Erekle Kodua’s Moth
Citizens of Georgia called the Human Rights Center from Greece and complained that they cannot send parcels to Georgia. They connect the problem with the head of Criminal Police Department within the MIA Erekle Kodua and his mother Laura Ghachava.
Five Reasons Why Georgia Lost The August War
Since the Russia-Georgia war of August 2008, much has been debated, rehashed, and argued about the circumstances and events before and during the war. But one item that seems to be almost universally agreed upon by all parties is that the Georgian military performed poorly.

Breached Security Norms Result in Death of Two People
The population of the Vardisubani village in Lagodekhi district blames the JSC Kakheti Energy Distribution Company in breaching security norms. On the evening of February 20, when local people tried to mend the severed electricity wires, the electricity supply was suddenly resumed and it resulted in the death of two people. 40-year-old Nikoloz Arevadze, an electricity fitter, and Avtandil Kochiashvili, 29, died on the spot.

In August Ruins – Presentation at Boell Foundation
In August Ruins - is entitled the joint report of Georgian NGOs reflecting on the outcome of August 2008 conflict. On February 14th the editor of the report Tinatin Khidasheli and a conflict scientist Paata Zakareishvili talked about it in the Boell Foundation.

The Statement of Georgian NGO’s about reorganization of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources
At a Government meeting, held on February 8, 2011 it was decided to reorganize the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

New regulatory legislation: a threat to peace-building in Georgia
With Georgia's 'State Strategy on Occupied Territories: Engagement through Cooperation,' the government has adopted new modalities for conducting activities in the occupied territories.
Sandro Bregadze under Preliminary Arrest
After being convicted for hooliganism, Tbilisi City Court Judge Giorgi Arevadze imposes preliminary arrest as a compulsory measure for former MP Sandro Bregadze.

907 Disappeared People in Georgia
The Human Rights Center film The Disappeared, according to its author, highlights the lesser-known facts of disappearances. The film was screened on February 16th in the Cinema House. The film was made at the Human Rights Center video-studio HRIDC.TV
“The Disappeared” – Giorgi Janelidze’s New Documentary Presented in Cinema House
 On February 16, the Human Rights Center presented the new documentary of Giorgi Janelidze “the Disappeared” in Cinema House. The film is about the people who disappeared in Georgia during peace time.

Property of Pharmaco-Chemistry Institute Might Be Sold
The Ministry of Economical Development of Georgia might sell the building of the Kutateladze Institute of Pharmaco-Chemistry and its territory; the personnel of the institute might be removed to the institute of Bio-Technology in Digomi settlement, Tbilisi – it is assumption of the personnel who state that the laboratories must not be removed from the territory.
Draft Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection Fails to Ensure Inviolability of Private Life
The Draft Law on Personal Data Protection adopted by the first hearing of Georgian Parliament contradicts its aim of strengthening data protection mechanisms and restricts the inviolability of private life. Moreover, it fails to reach a balance between the right of private life and freedom of information, thus violates Georgia’s international obligations.
People Disappear and then Reappear -17-Hour Arbitrary Detention in Adjara Main Department of the MIA
Police officers took Tamar Dolidze from home at 3:00 am on January 27. Seventeen hours later police officers released her. Meanwhile, family members had no idea where and why Dolidze was taken. The investigator dropped the criminal investigation against her because of a lack of evidence.

Ethnic Ossetian People Feel Oppressed in Kakheti Region
The number of ethnic Ossetian people in the Kakheti region has diminished significantly. Several ethnic Ossetian people said that their migration increased after the Russian-Georgian armed conflict in 2008. Liana Jioeva from the Tsitskanaantseri village in Kvareli district said that after the war ,strange people were moving about the village and called upon the Ossetian people to leave Georgia.

The Human Rights Center Screens Documentary “The Disappeared” about Lesser-Known Facts
On February 16, at 4:00 pm, the video-studio of the Human Rights Center HRIDC.TV will screen a new documentary entitled “The Disappeared”, which focuses on the puzzling disappearances of several individuals within Georgia. This film by Giorgi Janelidze highlights the lesser-known facts and aspects to these disappearances.

Zviad Kharebava – Victim of Political Revenge
In 2009, Zviad Kharebava was detained for swindle and unreasonable expenditure of funds; 17-year-imprisonment was imposed on him. The convicted person said he was victim of political revenge.

I Have Been Telling You
When being Soviet citizens we, Georgians used to visit shabby pubs instead of clubs and instead of throwing parties we used to feast. At the time the song whose lyrics 'I have been telling you to get out of the window, you will see a phaeton there, get in and drive to me' were absolutely unrelated to journalism was in fashion. A pipe, clarinet and drum (at the time the DJ couldn't do mixing alone) were playing...

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