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Members of Agency of Subsidies and Insurance Companies Detained
Officers of the investigative department at the Ministry of Finances detained representatives of the Agency for Subsidies within the Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Welfare for the unreasonable expenditure and misappropriation of a  particularly large amount of budget funds and the abuse of their professional power. 

Predicted Death of Tsez (Dido) Citizen
Death of Russian citizen Mahomed Gamzatov left many questions. On February 5, he was found dead. The expertise showed that he was poisoned. His family members allege Gamzatov did not have health problems. So, there are grounded doubts that his death has direct connection with his controversy with the Russian Government; that means he was poisoned.

Public Defender Requests Punishment of Police Chief
Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tugushi requests punishment of the head of Telavi district police department Shota Bezhanishvili. The Ombudsman’s report states that on April 6, 2010 police officers detained juvenile suspect for the thievery in a shop in Telavi; the police officers beat him at the police station to get his confession about in stealing a bike too.

Vakhtang Maisaia vs Rustavi 2 and Maestro TV
Military Expert Vakhtang Maisaia, Charged with Espionage Sues TV-Companies Rustavi 2 and Maestro TV for Screening Famous Film ‘Enveri’.
One More Example of Selective Justice: One Can Own It, But the other Cannot!
The Kalandadzes have been arguing in Mtskheta district for several months. The family requests legalization of the part of the ravine which was registered to their next-door neighbor several months ago. The lawyer of the Human Rights Center said it is classic example of the “optional justice.”
IDP from Akhalgori without Status, Compensation and Home
 Sergo Jabauri lived in the occupied Akhalgori district. A month ago he arrived in Tbilisi because of health problems and started treatment at Tbilisi Aramiantsi Hospital which will soon end and Jabauri will be dismissed from hospital on February 11… after that he will have to stay in the street.
We Might Get Caught and Die in Ruins but Where Shall We Go?” – Life in Dangerous Zone
More than 150 families live in a dangerous zone in the Kakheti region. A landslide threatens the population. After the exploration this dangerous area, geologists from the National Environmental Agency (NEA) concluded that life in this part of Kakheti can be potentially life threatening.

New Problems of Old and New IDPs
Situation analysis of IDP families was the main topic of the February 4 meeting organized by the IDP NGO “Sinergia”. The members of the NGOs from various regions of Georgia spoke about the social-economic conditions of IDP families in their regions.
Children Vandalized Evangelist-Baptist Church
In comparison with 2008-2009, incidents related to the restriction of freedom and intolerance on religious grounds has statistically decreased in 2010. However, several incidents have still been reported. On January 28, the Evangelist-Baptist Church was vandalized in the village of Akhalsopeli in Kvareli district. Church leader Marika Tskhadadze said that the police found the accused in the crime – they were pupils of the village public school.
Turmoil in Insurance Business – Inner-Governmental Knockout
After the Chamber of Control made a scandalous conclusion on the insurance companies and expressed anxiety about the activities of those companies, a political question was asked – what is going on in the government? It is the fact that the government attacked the scheme which was created by them, though they did not admit the mistake?
“Madneuli” not Punished for Polluting Rivers with Hard Metals
The government has begun complaining about the pollution of the environment by the “Madneuli” (ores) together with non-governmental organizations. However, several questions are still unanswered. The government has not imposed serious sanctions on the enterprise “Madneuli” for having polluted the environment.
Georgia preliminary examination: OTP concludes second visit to the Russian Federation
A delegation from the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court today concluded a two-day visit to the Russian Federation.

Media Transparency – A Dilemma for Government?
On February 3rd, a round table was held on the issues of media ownership and funding in the Courtyard Marriott. The group of experts and editors who spear-headed the draft law initiative hoped receive concrete answers from the government regarding their remarks and ideas.

An Open Letter from group of NGOs
in response to the statements made by the “Amnesty International” and Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia regarding the eviction of IDPs in January 2011
Amended Budget Unable to Provide for Needy 85-year-old
 Aleksanda Kajaia lives in the village Menji, in the district Bataria of the Senaki Municipality. “Lives’’ may not be the right word for her situation. In 2000, her two-storied house almost burned down. Only the walls of the first floor survived. The 85-year-old woman spends her night at neighbors or in the shed behind her former house.
City court did not return recreation status to Digomi forest-park
On January 31 Judge Dimitry Gvritishvili of the Tbilisi City Court did not satisfy the lawsuit of Ana Gabriadze and Caucasian Environmental NGO Network (CENN) where they complained about the changed status of the Digomi forest-park by the Tbilisi City Council.

Jury Trial in Georgia
On October 1st of 2010 the new Criminal Code of Georgia came into effect. One of its main the main new innovations is the Jury Institution. The Jury Court will operate until July 1st of 2012 in Tbilisi only, and will cover cases of deliberate murder under aggravating circumstances.

Amnesty International urges Georgian government to comply with international standards on eviction
Amnesty International is concerned that some of the evictions that took place in Tbilisi between 20 and 24 of January, failed to meet international standards. In particular, Amnesty International is concerned that the authorities failed to give adequate prior notice to those evicted, to ensure that all those eligible were provided with financial assistance prior to their removal, and to give full and unhindered access to monitors.
Universities Were Unified, Students’ Fate Is Vague
With the initiative of the Ministry of Education Tbilisi University of Economic Relations and Georgian Economy and Law University joined the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University. The representatives of the abolished universalities said the purpose of the unification was better mobilization of the state funds and increase of the education level.
ECHR to Discuss the Case of Mass Deportation of Georgians from Russia
On January 31st, ECHR started hearings on the complaint of Georgia vs. Russia submitted to the court in 2007. The complaint concerns the mass deportation of ethnical Georgians from Russian Federation. Georgia is accusing Russia in violating the range of articles of European Convention.
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