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Oil Instead of Drinking Water
It has been the second time the drinking water came with oil in the Bartskhani settlement. The government promised the population to eradicate the problem two months ago. The problems have still not been solved. The domestic items have been damaged for the second time. Later, they received another promise from the head of the Ltd Batumi Water Jani Varshalomidze after he came back from his holiday leave.

Schools without First-Graders
In the villages of Shatili, Gurdukhi, Kvavili and Akhaltsikhe of Kazbegi region there will be no more first grades this year. According to the head of Dusheti educational resource-center Tina Bantsuri, no children are of school age in these villages.

Georgian Young Lawyers Sue Imedi-TV and Rustavi 2 in Regulatory Commission and MP Goka Gabashvili in the Court
“Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association shall apologize to me!” stated MP Goka Gabashvili in the interview“Young Lawyers Sue Goka Gabashvili in the Court”  with the newspaper New Generation.

“Demetradze Might Be Killed But Publicly Reported as Suicide”
Former player of the Georgian National Football Team Giorgi Demetradze is in poor conditions in prison. He was convicted for the membership of the criminal world and sentenced to 6-year-imprisonment. At the moment, he is waiting for the discussion of his cassation suit and decision of the Supreme Court.

Woman Forcibly Placed in Mental Hospital
The Human Rights Center protests placement of 45-year-old N.K. in mental hospital. Police took the disabled woman to mental hospital by force based on the application of people living in her house though she did not create problems for anybody.

GYLA Published New Findings in Nika Kvintradze’s Death
Many questions are still unanswered in regard with Nika Kvintradze’s case, who was found dead on the top of shop in Freedom Square, Tbilisi, two days after the dispersal of May 26, 2011 protest rally.

Strange Materials from Top Secret Case of “Enveri”
One of the convicted from Enveri Case, pilot Gela Kakabadze met his family members on August 31 for the first time since imprisonment. His wife visited him in Gldani prison # 8. On July 6, the Court sent Gela Kakabadze to prison for 13 years and 6 months. Newspaper Batumelebi interviewed his family members about some details from Kakabadze‘s case.

The Human Rights Center Requests Investigation in Prisoners’ Torture
On September 5, press-conference about torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners was held in the office of the Human Rights Center. Executive director of the Center Ucha Nanuashvili and head of the Center’s Legal Clinic Nino Nadriashvili underlined the problems of the convicted Rudik Ovakimyan.

Public Defender for Liquidation of Prisons
Prevention and monitoring department of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia finished monitoring of penitentiary institutions in the western Georgia by visiting Batumi Prison # 3 and Zugdidi Prison # 4; the preliminary report of the monitoring was also prepared. The Public Defender of Georgia has been requesting to liquidate those two institutions since 2009.

Head of Vashalomidze’s Security Service Physically Assaulted a Woman in His Office
Lela Abesadze - former neighbor of the head of Adjara Government Levan Varshalomidze said the head of his security service – Vakhtang Kazazishvili beat her in the building of Adjara Government. Abesadze had bruises and injuries on the legs. Police station # 3 is investigating the fact.

Laptop of Journalist of Newspaper Rezonansi Searched by Georgian Checkpoint of Akhalgori
Mari Otarashvili is a journalist of newspaper Rezonansi (Resonance). She was brought up in Akhalgori and most of her relatives live there. She often travels in the occupied territory of Akhalgori both to visit her family and perform journalistic activity. Mainly she works on the conflict themes and other related problems and often prepares reports from Akhalgori.

Prisoner Threatened to Be Taken to Morgue
Head of the Human Rights Center’s Legal Clinic Nino Andriashvili has been defending the rights of the convicted Rudik Ovakimyan for several years already and she speaks about torture and inhuman treatment of the prisoner.

A Counterproductive Disdain
NEW YORK — Last Friday, voters in the Georgian breakaway territory of Abkhazia went to the polls in a presidential election that was broadly ignored by the United States and its European allies.

International Day of the Disappeared Celebrated in Georgia
August 30th the international day of the disappeared is celebrated in the whole world. The event was also held in the Merab Berdzenishvili International Center Muza dedicated to this day.

Father Basili Driven Out from Saingilo
The only Georgian priest father Basili was driven out of Saingilo. Father Basili was serving in Kakhi St. George Church. Before driving him out, security officials of Kakhi region prohibited him to whitewash the temple facade or arrange the church yard. The workers were thrown down from the scaffolds.

Strange Arithmetic for the Repressed
Zeinab Burdiashvili is a daughter of the victim of Soviet repressions Dimitri Burdiashvili. Dimitri Burdiashvili was one of the 33 conspirators of 1941. He got the hope of liberation of Georgia from Soviet regime after the start of WWII. Their action plan was just in the form of idea when they were suddenly arrested.

Almighty Kezerashvili
In accordance to the Law on State Purchases, property of over 50 000 GEL shall not be purchased without tender. However, the Georgian Lottery Company can pay 3 million GEL without tender.

Prisoners Get Ill with Tuberculosis Because of Negligence from the Prison Administration
The head of the Legal Clinic of the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili said prisoners get ill with tuberculosis in Georgia mostly because of inattention and professional negligence of prison administrations.

23 Families in Isolation for 9 Months
51-year old resident of the village Vedzatkhevi of Dusheti region Nodar Zviadauri fell from the rock and got injured. His health state is very hard. However, it is not possible to transfer him to the hospital. Vedzatkhevi has been isolated from the outside world for 9 months now.

Ossetians and Georgians Reach Across Front Line
While negotiations between officials in Tbilisi and South Ossetia have run into a dead end, non-governmental organisations on both sides are attempting to establish contacts.

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