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EU Flags and Soviet Symbols in Gori
On December 18, European Commission published its final fourth report on the implementation of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan (VLAP) by Georgia, which states that Georgia successfully finalized the visa liberalization technical process.

“Status” of Dashgin Agararli and Adam Esmurziev
For the eradication of the human rights abuse and discrimination of aliens in Georgia Human Rights Center calls on the Parliament and Government of Georgia to get interested in the legal status of aliens and to amend national law and practice in this regard. The Center addressed to the Parliament and the Government with regard to the declined applications of Dashgin Agararli, member of the Azerbaijani opposition political party Musavat and of Adam Esmurziev, Russian citizen and ethnic Ingush, who could not get the status for years. Human Rights Center believes the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation made ungrounded decisions about their applications.
Gori City Council Failed to Pass Gori 2016 Budget
On December 25, at the special session of Gori City Council the deputies could not adopt the 2016 budget. 14 out of 15 council members participated in the session. During the ballot, votes divided equally and the council could not pass the budget.
Chairman of the Tbilisi City Court Claimed Resignation of the Chairwoman of the Supreme Court
On December 29, 2015 chairman of the Tbilisi City Court Mamuka Akhvlediani organized a press-conference to present annual report of the Court’s work. Akhvlediani evaluated the developments of the past year and recently implemented judiciary reforms. He said the reform project was not well-organized.
Armenian Apostolic Church Expects Registration of Saint Echmiadzin and Saint Gevork Churches after Restoration
There several ten acting churches including small chapels of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia. Before 1930s, the churches belonged to Armenian parish but afterwards the Communist government seized them like from other confessions. Religious services were conducted only two churches in Tbilisi – Saint Echmiadzin and Saint Gevork Churches. 
Case of the Convicted Ilia Abkhazava
On December 23, representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference about malicious practice in the penitentiary system and discussed case of the convicted Ilia Abkhazava.
Residents of Gori District Villages Protest Selling of Reserve Lan
Locals protested sale of the reserve lands in Ditsi village of Gori municipality. According to the villagers, they used the land as pasture. According to Ditsi population, in 1991-1992 when privatization of plots started in Georgia, each family in Ditsi gave up per plot to create reserve land as a pasture in the village. Total space of the reserve land was 124 hectares. 81 hectares of it was privatized by an Indian farmer and the locals protested this fact. 

Criminal Case Launched against Public Servant in Kareli
Kareli ditrict former governor Emiko Peikrishvili, who now works in the bureau of the majoritarian MP from Kareli district, bit big part of Ilia Kelekhsashvili’s ear, assistant to the acting district governor. Internal political argument caused the controversy between the local public servants; verbal dispute turned into physical battle.
Oni Synagogue Is Still Closed
“In 1950 officers of the State Security Ministry found the Synagogue door locked from inside when they arrived in Oni. However, they heard children’s cry from the synagogue and understood that a lot of children were inside. Locals were gathered in the street and told the guests that Jewish and Georgian mothers together with their children locked inside the synagogue to protect it from closing. Such a bravery of the Georgian and Jewish women saved the Synagogue from deconstruction,” it is one of the heroic stories associated with Jewish and Georgian people, who protected the synagogue in Oni. 
No to Obedient Judges!
On December 15, protest rally was held in front of the office of the High Council of Justice of Georgia, where members of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association and representatives of the NGOs unified under the Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary, brought banners and protested participation of the HCJ Secretary Levan Murusidze in the competition of judges.
Chief Prosecutor: Two Senior GD MPs Questioned in Alleged Influence Peddling Probe
Vice-Speaker of Parliament Manana Kobakhidze and chairperson of parliamentary committee for human rights Eka Beselia have been questioned as part of ongoing investigation into alleged influence peddling in the process of inmates’ pardoning, chief prosecutor Irakli Shotadze said on Monday.

Film about the Work of Human Rights Watch Was Screened in Gori
On December 10, the Human Rights Day, Human Rights Center and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia presented a film about the work of Human Rights Watch in the Gori University. Representatives of local civil society organizations, students and local governmental officials attended the screening.
Opposition Criticizes 2016 Year Budget
Lagodekhi municipality budget in 2016 will be 7 071 000 lari. 1 700 000 lari of it is salary fund. In 2015 the salary fund was 1 630 000 lari, that the local district administration increased with 70 000 lari. Article for bonuses was not included in the main financial document but the head of the financial budget service at the administration Giorgi Manogoshvili does not exclude possibility that employees will receive bonuses if they deserve it with good work. 
Family Damaged by Natural Disaster Urges for Help in Lagodekhi District
Grisha and Natela Neparidzes living in Leliani village of Lagodekhi municipality urge for help. They said the natural disaster on August 20 damaged the roof of their house. During the rain water leaks into the roof that damaged the walls too. The Neparidzes claim unless the roof is replaced timely, the walls will fall down.
Problems of granting refugee status to aliens
On December 4 representatives of Human Rights Center held press-conference about the problems of granting refugee status to aliens in Georgia. The human rights defenders presented the cases of Dashgin Agararli, refugee from Azerbaijan on political grounds and Adam Esmurziev, refugee from Ingushetia, Russian Federation.
President Margvelashvili: Saakashvili ‘Insulted’ Georgia and Presidency
President Giorgi Margvelashvili said that his predecessor Mikheil Saakashvili “insulted” the Georgian presidency and the country when he chose to loss Georgian citizenship by obtaining the Ukrainian one.
Proposal to Chief Prosecutor on Initiation of Investigation into Alleged Offences Committed by Kobuleti Police

On November 30, 2015, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Chief Prosecutor to launch an investigation into alleged ill-treatment and other offences committed by officers of Kobuleti Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
IDP Family from Zardiaantkari Again Was Left Homeless
On November 29, a fire broke out in the Gori kindergarten N 1 in the part of the building where several IDP families from Zardiaantkari village are living; Zardiaantkari is located close to the occupation line.
Demonstration against Early Marriages
On November 25, demonstration against early marriages was organized in Gori. According to the participants, early marriages increase cases of domestic violence. According to the statistic data, during two years (2011-2013), 7 367 girls (pupils of 7th-9th grades) stopped secondary education because of early marriages and related problems.
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