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Election complaints about unbalanced protocols were not satisfied
In relation with the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, several opposition political parties lodged election complaints to the courts about unbalanced final protocols; however the court did not satisfy any of them. As opposition political party members say the elections were fabricated. 
Kutaisi to Spend 250 000 GEL on New Year Celebration
Kutaisi has started preparation of the New Year celebration for several days already. The streets were decorated, New Year lights were installed, and central New Year tree was set up. Regardless celebration mood, the society has different opinions. They argue about the funds allocated from the local budget for the New Year celebration.
People Changed Name of the Stalin Street In Gori
On December 21, people arrived from the capital and other regions of Georgia to celebrate 137th birthday of Ioseb Stalin in Gori; the locals also joined the manifestation. The demonstrators did not change the route of the demonstrators this year either. The participants initially gathered in one place and then started traditional marching from the Stalin Museum to the city center, the building of the regional administration, where the statue of the Stalin was standing in the past. They put a small statue of Stalin in front of the administration building and requested to restore the old statue there.

Russia to Pay 30 000 EURO to Deported Lia Shioshvili
European Court of Human Rights made decision into the case Georgian citizen Lia Shioshvili v. Russia. The Strasbourg Court ordered the Russian Federation to pay 30 000 EURO to Lia Shioshvili and her children. The case refers to mass deportation of ethnic Georgians from Russia in 2006, when Russian law enforcement officers arrested pregnant Lia Shioshvli together with her 4 children in Ruza town of Moscow oblast and then expelled her from the country by train to Dagestan. 
Gori municipality governor sacked his first deputy
Gori municipality governor claims his deputy was fired because of professional negligence. Davot Oniashvili said Giorgi Tsverava did not implement his tasks properly and signed the order on his dismissal on December 21.
Kutaisi budget project caused dispute
City council has not yet approved the Kutaisi budget for 2017. However, it has already become topic of dispute and protest for the local civil society and opposition members of the city council. Local organizations of the nongovernmental organizations state the next year budget is very important issue and it will be crime to approve it without intensive discussion with wider society.

7000 children in Marneuli municipality do not have access to pre-school education
Sakin from Sabirkendi village, Marneuli municipality, have two underage children. Since there is no kindergarten in the village, Sakini’s kids spend all days at home. “There are several kindergartens in Marneuli. Some families from our village take their children there but not everybody can take children from the village to the municipality center. There is big difference between my and their kids. They know more rhymes and songs. They learn Georgian language from early childhood. Those children, who do not go to kindergartens, watch TVs all day long,” Sakin said.
Prisoners Are Restricted to Use Communication Means
“In our facility, prison # 6, we are allowed to call only on 5 phone numbers – for 10 minutes per month. It is not enough to call even our family members not to say anything about nongovernmental organizations. They break our families and deprive our right to communicate outside world. How can we distribute that 10 minutes a month when we need a lot of things? How can we resolve our problems? I cannot call my 4-year-old child; is it their democracy?! I have petitioned to almost every MP about this issue but nobody replied. We no longer enjoy conjugal meetings; they completely degrade us. People are going insane,” an inmate of the prison # 6 wrote to Human Rights Center.
DAG Breached Contract Terms to Implement the Activities
Kostava Avenue is being renovated in Rustavi. The project is implemented by the Ltd DAG, and they plan to rehabilitate the façades of 19 buildings, arrange over-ground and underground communications in the avenue and pave cobble stone. Part of the work is finished by now. However, the rehabilitation activities are still underway. Consequently the traffic movement is not resumed in that part of the Kostava Avenue. In accordance to the tender agreement, the DAG had to finish the rehabilitation of the avenue by November 30.
NGOs Assess the Work of Inter-Agency Task Forces for Free and Fair Elections
Inter-Agency Task Force for Fair and Free Elections was established based on the June 29 decree of the Minister of Justice. The purpose of the IATF is to prevent and react to possible violation of electoral legislation by public servants during 2016 Parliament elections that will contribute ensuring of free and fair electoral environment.
School in the former administrative building of the collective farm
There are two schools in Kulari village of Marneuli municipality: one of them is Azerbaijani school and the second – Russian. Both school buildings need substantial reconstruction. However, the Azerbaijani school is in particularly grave conditions, which is located in the former administrative building of the collective farm. 91 pupils study in the school; the walls are cracked; window-frames are broken; rain water leaks through the roof. 
State Audit Service Fined Three Political Unions
As a result of the pre-election period monitoring, the State Audit Service fined three political unions with total 378 200 GEL. Seven donators of the political union State for People were fined with 187 000 GEL; 1 donator of the Georgian Patriot of Alliance was fined with 183 200 GEL. Donators to the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia were fined with 8 000 GEL for illegal donation. At the same time, 7 political parties and 12 candidates were fined for not submitting the requested information to the SAS. 
Synagogue was robbed in Gori
On December 1, ethnic Jewish people found the synagogue robbed in Gori. Ancient handwritten torahs were stolen. Law enforcers found part of the stolen torahs behind the building but majority of them were damaged.

Public Defender of Georgia Opened Human Rights Week
On December 5, Public Defender of Georgia opened International Human Rights Week in Gori. Ucha Nanuashvili spoke about the state of human rights in the country during the public lecture in the Gori State University. He spoke about the issues related with the implementation of the Law on the Eradication of All Forms of Discrimination. Nanuashvili spoke about gender equality, child’s rights and rights of people with disabilities in his public lecture; he also spoke about the human rights violation facts in the conflict-affected zone, about the needs and problems of IDPs and refugees.
Strasbourg Court Concluded Preliminary Alleged Violation into Aslan Tsutsashvili’s Case
The Strasbourg Court of Human Rights concluded preliminary alleged violation into the case of Aslan Tsutsashvili – Pankisi Radio WAY disseminated information about it. Aslan Tsutsashvili, resident of Omalo village, Pankisi Gorge, appealed the European Court of Human Rights for the degrading treatment and discrimination on ethnic grounds from the side of police officers

Family and Business-Partners of the Gurjaani district single mandate MP donated 290 000 GEL to the Georgian Dream
Signle mandate candidate of the Georgian Dream in Gurjaani municipality Davit Songulashvili won the 2016 Parliamentary Elections. He gained 78.54% of votes in the second round. He is member of the parliamentary committee on economics and economic policy and the fraction Georgian Dream. In October, 2016 the family and business partners of Davit Songulashvili donated 290 000 GEL to the Georgian Dream.  

Parliament of Georgia Will Return to the Capital
The 9th convocation of the Parliament of Georgia will resume spring sessions in the old building of the parliament in the capital. Kutaisi, which presumably obtained a status of the parliamentary capital only for a short time, will go back to its old routine. 
Majority of political parties closed their offices in the regions
In Shida Kartli, political parties closed down their offices in the region after the parliamentary elections. Nowadays, only two political parties have regional offices in Gori – Georgian Dream and the United National Movement.

Kaspi Municipality Budget to Be 9 732 200 GEL in 2017
Kaspi municipality administration drafted the 2017 budget, which amounted to 9 732 200 GEL and submitted to the municipality board for the consideration on November 18.  The majority of the municipal board members voted for the draft of the 2017 budget and it was approved. The board members from the opposition parties did not support the budget because they did not have time to review the budget in details. 
Gori City Budget to Increase at 700 000 GEL in 2017
In accordance to the 2017 draft budget, Gori will have 700 000 GEL more in its budget than last year and it will reach 16 222 000 GEL. The project was already sent to the Gori City Council members for further discussion. They have to review, comment and issue recommendations to the City Hall with regard to the budget by December 25. Afterwards, the city council will have to ballot about the main financial document for the next year. 
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