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Students in Abnormal Conditions!
Board in 56 cm from the bench; the steps strengthened by wooden pillars that can fall down any time; broken floor; water leaking from the roof; walls cracking from dampness; cold rooms because of damaged windows; more than 250 students live in such conditions in the public schools of the villages Melaani of Gurjaani region and village Erisimedi of Signagi region.
Journalists Were Not Allowed to Attend Elections at Gori University
On October 21, chairman of the election commission of the academician council at the Gori University Malkhaz Mindiashvili requested the journalist of the Gori office of the Human Rights Center to leave the election precinct. The commission member Vano Balakhashvili stated that journalists should not attend the election process.
Ministry of Education Closes Down Vocational Colleges
The ministry of education closed down the Vocational College # 2 in Kutaisi. As a result of the liquidation, about 40 people remained unemployed. The former employees state that the college was illegally closed down without any procedures. 14 vocational colleges were closed down throughout Georgia based on the resolution of the minister.
Accused Rector Appointed a New Rector
 The first rector of the unified Tskhinvali and Gori Universities Zaza Tsotniashvili, whose slogan was – “Education for Life” –, is accused now. After Dimitry Shashkin occupied the position of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, the rectors of the Gori, Tbilisi, Telavi and Kutaisi state universities were dismissed. More precisely, on August 6, 2010 the rector of the Gori University resigned; on August 13, 2010 the rector of the Tbilisi State University Giorgi Khubua resigned, on September 8, 2010 the rector of the Telavi University Giorgi Gotsiridze resigned and on September 12 the rector of the Kutaisi University Giorgi Oniani resigned.
Police Regime in Public Schools
Bailiffs will start working in public schools of Ozurgeti district from January of 2011. The ministry of education and science states that the only function of the bailiffs at schools will be care for the security of pupils and prevention of violence. However, people often say that the ministry is going to establish a police regime in public schools and teachers do not like to be controlled everywhere.
Davit Tsikarishvili: “Testing of Teachers Breaches Labor Rights”
The teachers were tested short time ago. Besides the tests in their subjects, the teachers were examined in professional skills. Participation in the tests was voluntary but if the teachers gained enough points, they were promised to have raise in their salaries. Part of teachers protests the results and thinks that points were not granted fairly. The humanrights.ge interviewed the head of legal department of the Independent Trade Union of Teachers “Ertoba” Davit Tsikarishvili.
Rector of Telavi State University Resigned
The rector of Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University George Gotsiridze resigned. The academic council of university rendered his request on September the 8th. Gotsiridze states that he’s tired of working at this post. According to Human Rights Center, George Gotsiridze was called to the Ministry of Education and Science a day before the resignation that resulted in this decision.
70 Pupils Instead 700 in Akhalgori District Schools
The bell rang only for 70 pupils in the public schools of Akhalgori district on September 1. Before their number were 700. The day became sad because of one more unpleasant news – Tskhinvali de-factor regime intends to remove Georgian language from the program of Russian schools in Akhalgori district.
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