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National Examination Center without Maia Miminoshvili?!
Minister of Education of Georgia Dimitry Shashkin fired Maia Miminoshvili, director of the National Examination Center. According to the information from the Ministry’s website, there was principal controversy between the policy of the Ministry of Education and Maia Miminoshvili with regard to reforms. This incompliancy became reason for the dismissal of Maia Miminoshvili though media reports about different political motive too.

Students Learn to Struggle for Their Rights
Students’ organization Youth Center request the rector of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University [TSU] and its administration to ensure equal pre-election environment for the upcoming elections of student self-government.

Students against Self-Government
Film by studio monitor Students against Self-Government was shown in the café Althaus on April 3rd in Tbilisi. Event was organized by Human Rights House Tbilisi. Students of different higher education institutions and members of Laboratory 1918 attended the screening.

Librarian VS School Director
Labor rights of teachers are one of the most acute problems in Georgia. According to the president of Free Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists of Georgia Maia Kobakhidze a lot of teachers file complaints to the Trade Union. Several days ago, librarian from the Tkibuli district Public School # 7 got in touch with the Trade Union and Human Rights Center and requested their help.

Students Beaten for Writing in Student Blog
Friends of Tornike Ustarashvili, student and blogger of Tbilisi State University state that they were beaten for publishing accusatory information on “student blog.”

School Resource Officers – Fighters with Criminals or Tools of Psychological Terror
Recently, general human rights situation in the education system of Georgia has deteriorated. School resource officers have further aggravated the situation, whose responsibility was to work in the framework of anti-criminal program at schools; but in fact they created many problems that can be qualified as serious violations of human rights.

Canadian Court Granted Status of Political Refugee to Manana Gurchumelidze
Canadian Court granted status of political refugee to the former president of the Georgian Independent Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists Manana Gurchumelidze.

Government Blocks Initiative of Provision of Compulsory Medical Insurance for Students Initiated by Trade Unions
Georgian Trade Unions made a legislative proposal to provide medical insurance for students of higher education. The draft law envisages free medical insurance for students of all three phases of higher education. Government and governing party National Movement blocks proposal.
Why Tamar Sukhiashvili Was Fired from Kakbeti Public School?
Tamar Sukhiashvili, history teacher fired from the Public School in Kakabeti village Sagarejo district, said she was sacked on political grounds.

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How would you evaluate the work of the new mayor of Tbilisi?
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Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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