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Press-Conference of Human Rights Center on the Problems of Political Prisoners Arrested in Kintsvisi on May 26, 2011
On December 19, at 11:30 am Human Rights Center is holding press-conference on the problems of the former political prisoners, convicted for the so-called Kintsvisi Case, in the Prime Time Press Club.
Press-Conference on the Problems of Political Prisoners Arrested in Kintsvisi
On December 13, Human Rights Center’s representatives held press-conference on the problems of people convicted for the so-called Kintsvisi Case in the past. The Center’s representatives said current government does not try to investigate facts of torture and inhuman treatment in the prisons during previous years and does not intend to review hundreds of cases, on which court had passed illegal judgments.
Progress, Shortcomings Reviewed on Human Rights Day
On the International Human Rights Day, December 10, Public Defender and some rights groups highlighted main trends in Georgia’s human rights protection over the past one year, noting progress, but also pointing at problems and challenges.
Human Rights and Freedoms Situation in Georgia in 2013
On December 10, 2013, Public Defender presented a report on Human Rights and Freedoms in Georgia. The given report represents the initiative of the Public Defender of Georgia to summarize human rights and freedoms situation in the country annually, by December 10. 
Recommendations of Human Rights Center on Early Release of Prisoners or Facilitation of Punishments
Human Rights Center welcomes amendments introduced to the Decree # 151 of the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance issued of October 28, 2010 on “Approval Typical Provision for the Number of Local Councils, Territorial Discussion and Local Councils of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance”, which aimed to promote re-socialization of convicted people and protection of public security.
Meeting between the Representatives of Human Rights Center and Medical Unit of the Penitentiary Establishment
On December 4, representatives of the Human Rights Center met senior officials of the Medical Unit at the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance. During the meeting, lawyers of the Human Rights Center updated the ministry’s representatives with the detailed information about the problems of their clients. 
Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
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