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Armenian Apostolic Church Expects Registration of Saint Echmiadzin and Saint Gevork Churches after Restoration
There several ten acting churches including small chapels of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia. Before 1930s, the churches belonged to Armenian parish but afterwards the Communist government seized them like from other confessions. Religious services were conducted only two churches in Tbilisi – Saint Echmiadzin and Saint Gevork Churches. 
Oni Synagogue Is Still Closed
“In 1950 officers of the State Security Ministry found the Synagogue door locked from inside when they arrived in Oni. However, they heard children’s cry from the synagogue and understood that a lot of children were inside. Locals were gathered in the street and told the guests that Jewish and Georgian mothers together with their children locked inside the synagogue to protect it from closing. Such a bravery of the Georgian and Jewish women saved the Synagogue from deconstruction,” it is one of the heroic stories associated with Jewish and Georgian people, who protected the synagogue in Oni. 
Appeal Court Acquitted Beneficiary of Human Rights Center
The Appeal Court acquitted convicted beneficiary of the lawyer of Human Rights Center in the administrative charge against him. The convicted person is Vazha Utiashvili from Gurjaani, 25-years-old. The Appeal Court discharged him from the accusation on the influence of narcotic substances as it was ruled by the district court on April 30, 2015. 
23-year-old Turpal Borhasvhili - the 12th killed from Pankisi in Syria Information Center of Kakheti
Another citizen of Georgia, 23-year-old Turpal Borchashvili from Pankisi gorge, who lived in village Dzibakhevi, died during hostilities in city of Kobani, Syria. Turpal Borchashvili was fighting on the side of so-called Islamic State. Six months ago, he went from Georgia to Turkey and then moved to Syria. Family members of Turpal Borchashvili confirmed his death to Information Center of Kakheti. 
Young Pankisians captured by religion
On June 3, a tour for journalists was held in the village Duisi of the Pankisi Gorge by the initiative of Institute for War and Peace Reporting. They had meetings with the locals Governors and locals of Duisi also attended the meeting. The discussion was about the problems that exist in the region. Special attention was paid to the issues of Chechen refugees and young Pankisians who go to Syria to fight. We abstain from using the names of the respondents. 
“Problems of Muslims in Georgia” _ Screening of the Documentary Movie
Human Rights Center showed the documentary called “Problems of Muslims in Georgia” on May 15. Facts of intolerance that happened in the villages Tchela, Plate and Mokhe were shown in this documentary. NGOs, representatives of diplomatic corpus accredited in Georgia and representatives of religious minorities attended the screening. After that they had a discussion about the issues of religious minorities.
State of Human Rights in Georgia
In April of 2014 Georgian Parliament adopted National Strategy on Human Rights with the aim to ensure effective realization of human rights with relevant legislative, institutional and practical changes. The document set forth strategic plan to tackle prevalent human rights problems in number of directions, including protection of rights of minorities, combating gender-based violence, safeguarding freedom of religion, ensuring right to peaceful assembly and manifestations, developing mechanism for effective investigation of human rights violations by Georgian law enforcement bodies, and etc...
After Jehovah Witness Was Acquitted Prosecutor’s Office Started Obscure Investigation
“In response to your letter sent to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia on February 26, 2015, where you inquired about the physical and verbal assault of Gela and Lela Shvelidzes in the town of Aspindza, we would like to notify that the Aspindza district office of the MIA started investigation into the aforementioned facts under Article 125 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Georgia” 
Human Rights Center presented the report on freedom of religion
On March 6, Human Rights Center presented the report of the project “Promoting Freedom of Religion in Georgia." Representatives of local and international non-governmental organizations, diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and representatives of the media attended the presentation. In the frame of the project the human right defenders studied the issues of religious minority groups in different regions. 
New Report of Human Rights Center – Freedom of Religion in Georgia, Problems and Recommendations
Human Rights Center published a report Freedom of Religion in Georgia – Problems and Recommendations. The report presents the findings from the project Promoting Freedom of Religion in Georgia, which were presented in the conference hall of Human Rights House Tbilisi on March 6. Representatives of local and international organizations, diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and media organizations were invited to the presentation.
Round Table about Alleged Violation of the Freedom of Religion
On December 15, Human Rights Center organized a round table in the frame of the project “Promoting Freedom of Religion in Georgia.” The project is implemented with financial support of the Canadian Embassy. 
Presumable Discrimination Facts in the Planning of Hope Festival
Festival of Hope was scheduled in the Sport Palace of Tbilisi on June 6-8, 2014. However, the palace administration refused the organizers to hold the festival because of the fire that broke out in the building several days before the event. The organizers faced problems in the advertisement campaign too. Considering the fact that everything was planned and international organizations also participated in it, the festival did take place in Tbilisi but in a less scope.
Akhaltsikhe District Court Justified Jehovah Witness
Akhaltsikhe district court found Jehovah witness Lela Shvelidze not guilty. Humanrights.ge published an article about the criminal case launched against her several weeks ago. 
Barricades Set Up in front of the Kobuleti Muslim Boarding School
More than four months have passed since pig head was hammered to the door of the muslim boarding school in Kobuleti. Civil society and government unanimously condemned this astonishing fact. Nevertheless the situation is still tense on the place.
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Another proposal on agreement
The society knows that since December 2017 I have a court dispute with the Tbilisi City Hall and the Georgian Water Distribution Company
Women – victims of violence
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Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
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