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Historical Facade of Gudiashvili Square Faces Threat
Tbilisi City Hall sells Gudiashvili Square for 15 million dollars. Information was cited in the website of Tbilisi City Hall without indicating the date of publication.

“Freedom for Ales Bialiatski!“ – Solidarity Action in front of Parliament
On December 1st Human Rights Center held a protest action in front of Georgian Parliament and expressed its solidarity to Belarusian human rights defender, the Vice-President of International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski. The member organizations of Human Rights House Tbilisi also supported the action.

“Rebel from Guria” Thrown to Rubbish Dump
Late at night on November 17, statue of the Rebel from Guria was removed from the pedestal. Before that, people rumored, the Minister of Internal Affairs Vano Merabishvili said, if people really want it, the statue of the Rebel from Guria must remain on the place.

House of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Assistant’s Father-In-Law Burnt in Dedoplistskaro
On November 11, the house of former head of Kakheti regional police department Tamaz Tamazashvili was burnt in Leninovka village in Dedoplistskaro district. At the moment Tamazashvili is in prison. Police detained him after businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili announced his intention to join politics. Tamazashvili is father-in-law of Ivanishvili’s assistant and advisor Irakli Gharibashvili.

Zemo Alvneli Tushs Banished Representatives of Ministry of Agriculture from the Village
The population of Zemo Alvani village of Akhmeta region is protesting against the alienation of village pastures. Zemo Alvani is inhabited by Tushs. Majority of population pursues cattle-breeding. Tushs did not allow representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Corporation of Agriculture to continue tilling of pasture and banished them from the village.

Civil Society Gathered to Support GYLA
On September 8th Georgian NGOs held a solidarity action to support Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA). The representatives of Georgian civil society gathered at the office of GYLA and expressed concern over the attack against GYLA by the government officials.

Natural Disaster Attacked Lagodekhi District
Natural disaster attached Lagodekhi district in the morning of August 21 and lasted till late night. 70 families residing in residential buildings in Zakatala Street were evacuated. The River Shromis Khevi, rose after a heavy rain, took 8 garages from the yard away; the water completely destroyed restaurant Nadzvebi, tore off perennial trees, damaged the pipes of natural air and electricity wires. The houses, roads and plots got flooded in the villages too. Domestic poultry and animals died.

Action of Ukrainian Women Movement FEMEN Supporting Georgian Photoreporters in Ukraine
The officials of Georgian Embassy in Ukraine beat the journalists and activists of the organization FEMEN. This is how the action of women movement FEMEN ended entitled – “photo hunting.”

Journalists Protest New Top-Secret Fairy-Tale of President Saakashvili
“Mikheil Saakashvili wrote a new fairy-tale but now it is Top-Secret Fairy Tale. “He is Nero, but unlike the Emperor, Saakashvili is not composing music,” similar assessments were made in front of the MIA on July 11 where journalists held protest demonstration in support of the detained photo-reporters.

First Action to Support the Detained Photo Correspondents
The media outlets reacted upon the arrest of photo reporters Zurab Kurtsikidze, Gia Abdaladze, Shakh Aivazov and Natia and Irakli Gedenidzes on the same day and held a support action on July 7th at 13:00 pm in front of the Constitutional Department building. The action was joined by the Human Rights Center and Tbilisi Human Rights House with the request of immediate release of the detainees.

Human Rights Defenders Celebrated International Day in Support of Torture Victims
On June 26, Georgian human rights organizations traditionally celebrated the International Day in Support of Torture Victims. The member organizations of the Human Rights House Tbilisi – the Human Rights Center, The Georgian Centre for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims, the Union “Sapari” and the Article 42 of the Constitution organized a joint event in support of torture victims in the April 9 Park (former Aleksandrov Park), Tbilisi.

Council of Journalistic Ethic Charter Initiated a Solidarity Demonstration in the Yard of the MediaPalitra
Today, Georgian Council of the Journalistic Ethic Charter initiated a solidarity demonstration in the yard of the MediaPalitra office.The demonstration lasted more than one hour. Journalists and public figures associate the raid of the Revenue Department in the branch offices of the MediaPalitra with their impartial reporting of the events on May 26. The politicians also joined the demonstration.

Silent Protest of NGOs in front of Parliament Building
On June 1st at 11:30 pm, the NGOs gathered in front of the Parliament building and protested against the violence carried out by the government at 00:15 of May 26th. The action was entitled – 00:15. The participants lit the candles in front of the Parliament and honored the victims.

School in Cattle-Shed
Public school with 900 pupils in Lambalo village in Sagarejo district has been functioning in the sheds hired from a local inhabitant. The lessons are held in the rooms which were used as cattle-shed in the past.

Action in front of Parliament under Supervision of “Men in Black”
The member NGOs of Tbilisi Human Rights House and the “mobilized citizens” held a theatrical action dedicated to the media freedom on May 3 in front of the Parliament.

Lives of Eco-migrants Under Threat
According to official data, 35 204 families are registered in Georgia as the sufferers of natural disasters, 11 thousands out of which need urgent evacuation. The severity and the large-scale nature of this problem necessitate the need of establishing the common, complex state strategy.

“Hands Away from Batumi Boulevard!” People Request
“My Name Is Batumi,” “Don’t Chop Down Trees in Batumi Center”, “Save Boulevard,” Batumi residents had to hoist these slogans at the entrance to the Batumi Boulevard several times already. They protest chopping down of hundred-year-old trees and construction of 35-storied skyscraper in the Batumi Boulevard.

Exhibition of Palaces of High-Ranking Officials Continues
“If the suit is brought to the court, we will confirm that those palaces really belong to them,” said the Head of the Public Movement “NO” Levan Chitadze.

Government Continues Resettlement of IDPs
Mass eviction of IDPs from accommodations convinced people that the government is fulfilling its goal – Tbilisi without IDPs! On January 20-21 the IDPs were forcibly evicted from the TSU students’ dormitory, from the former building of the customs department, from the Kazbegi Avenue # 25, from the third micro district of Vazha Pshavela Avenue and from the Kipshidze Street # 34.

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