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Representatives of the Human Rights House Tbilisi Visited Homeless Families
On December 10, International Human Rights Day, representative of the Human Rights House Tbilisi visited homeless families sheltering the former building of the Railway Hospital. The main purpose of the visit was to issue free legal aid on the homeless people. Besides that, information booklet “Procedures to Provide Homeless People with Shelter” was produced and disseminated among beneficiaries on the place.
Residents of Collapsed Residential Building in Vaziani Still Wait for Help
On March 11, five-storied residential building partly collapsed in Vaziani military settlement. Nobody was injured but 20 families remained homeless. Ministry of Defense gave them tents and supplied them with food every day.
Role of Civil Society in the Execution of Judgments
Member and partner organizations of the Human Rights House Tbilisi and South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders implemented project “Strengthening NGO participation in the execution process of the ECtHR judgments in South Caucasus” 
Gold Race in Sakadrisi Layer
Status was seized from the culture heritage monument of 3030-2918 BC located in Sakdrisi small town, Bolnisi district. The commission set up by the Ministry of Culture decided that the status was groundlessly granted to the layer in the past; nowadays special brigades work to extract gold in the area.
Master-class for Students at Human Rights House Tbilisi
On September 25, lawyers of Human Rights Center Tamar Avalyani, Nino Andriashvili and Eka Kobesashvili gave master-class on the procedures related with criminal cases to the students of the law faculties in the conference hall of Human Rights House Tbilisi. Intern-lawyers of the legal educational center working in the frame of the project also attended the master-class.
Situation about Missing People in Georgia
About 2 000 people went missing as a result of armed conflicts and wars in Georgia. Majority of family members of the missing people live in poor social, psychological and health conditions. There is no official instrument in the state to support these people but they still look for their missing relatives.
IDP Settlement In Gori Is Not Supplied with Electricity
Internally displaced people living in Gori kindergarten No. 1 have not been supplied with electricity for over two months; residents of the kindergarten No. 7 and a public school face same problems.
Human Rights Center Held Press-Conference about the Case of the Author of Scandalous Video-Footage
On August 16, a press-conference about the case of Gia Alavidze, author of scandalous video-footage about the convicted people for Sandro Girgvliani’s murder, was held in the conference hall of Human Rights House Tbilisi.
Bachana Akhalaia’s Case Discussion at the City Court
27 ივლისს თბილისის საქალაქო სასამართლოში თავდაცვის ყოფილი მინისტრის, ბაჩანა ახალაიას სასამართლო პროცესი გაიმართა.  საქმე ეხება სენაკის ბრიგადაში ჯარისკაცების  აბანოში გამოკეტვის, ვაზიანის ბრიგადაში ჯარისკაცების ცემისა და ბიზნესმენ ზვიად აბესაძისთვის თავისუფლების უკანონოდ აღკვეთის ეპიზოდს. 
Traditional Friday Prayers Were Conducted without Local Muslim Residents in Samtatskaro
On July 19, traditional Friday prayer was conducted without local Muslim residents in Samtatskaro Muslim Chapel. Deputy Mufti of Kvemo Kartli region Adam Shantadze conducted the service and only five persons attended it. In parallel to that, police officers were mobilized in several spots in the village. Head of Lagodekhi district police Giorgi Gugunauri and his deputy were in the village too. Representatives of Public Defender’s Office also arrived in the village on Friday.

First Round of Seminars in the Frame of the Coalition for Trust Held in Tbilisi
First round of seminars in the frame of the project “South Caucasus Coalition for Rebuilding of Trust” was held in Tbilisi. The project is implemented by Norwegian Helsinki Committee in partnership with local nongovernmental organizations in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. Human Rights Center and Public Movement Multinational Georgia are project partners in Georgia. The project recruited three target groups – journalists, civil activists and students.
Problems of Eco-Migrants Returned from Tsalka Are Still Unresolved
Eco-migrants returned from Tsalka have been protesting in front of the Adjara government for 36 days already. Several days ago, prime-minister also met them and promised to resolve their problems.
Human Rights House Tbilisi Officially Opened
On June 3 Human Rights House Tbilisi was officially opened. HRHT unifies six local organizations: Article 42 of the Constitution, Human Rights Center, Media Institute, Center for Human Rights and Conflict Studies – Caucasia, Union Sapari and the Georgian Centre for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT).
Vaziani Settlement – Homeless People and Families Threatened with Being Buries Alive
Vaziani settlement in Gardabani district attracted public attention on March 11 when five-storied residential building # 8 partly ruined. Nobody was damaged by the incident but its inhabitants remained homeless.

When You Are So Close To the Frontier
Within 1 km from the centre of village Odzisi there is a conditional frontier border and in 5 km there is the territory of occupied Akhalgori Municipality. Locals from border-line villages say that they have lots of problems and they need more attention from government.

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