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Death Zone in Rustavi City - Campaign Swim Safe Continues
On October 9, the Campaign “Swim Safe” participant organizations held next action nearby the swampy water reservoir near the hydro-electro station in the vicinities of the micro-blocks #11 and 12 in Rustavi city. It is one of the most dangerous places, where many people drowned in the past.
Campaign “Swim Safe” - action on the embankment of the River Mtkvari
On September 6, the participating organizations of the campaign Swim Safe – Human Rights Center, CENN and Progress Center, organized another action on the River Mtkvari embankment in the end of Tekla Batonishvili street in Samgori district, Tbilisi, where a month ago, the brothers, 20 and 25, drowned.
Campaign “Swim Safe” – Next Action at the Tbilisi Sea
Participating CSOs of the campaign Swim Safe organized another action at the Tbilisi Sea nearby the so-called tower, where the Iori River joins the Tbilisi Water Reservoir. 
Campaign “Swim Safe” – Next Action at the Tbilisi Sea – “Death Zone 2”
On August 2, at 11:00 am, the campaign Swim Safe will organize another action at the Tbilisi Sea nearby the so-called tower, where the Iori River joins the Tbilisi Water Reservoir. 
Villages alongside the occupation line – problems and challenges
This year, only one child will go to public school from Zardiaantkari village in Gori municipality. The school is located in the neighboring Mereti village, which is 10 kilometers away from Zardiaantkari. There is neither school nor kindergarten in the village, which is located near the occupation line. However, it is the least issue for locals as they are more worried about the irrigation water, as it does not reach the agricultural plots of all families and people have their lands left without irrigation. 
100 Years Later the Anthem of the Georgian Democratic Republic Was Sung near the Occupation Line
“Glory to freedom, Glory to brave Georgian nation” – members of the Georgian Association in France sang the Anthem of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in Khurvaleti village near the occupation line on May 28. The members of the government of the Georgian Democratic Republic and descendants of the participants of the largest rebel of 1922-24 against the Soviet Government were among the delegation. Otar Pataridze, son of Elisa Pataridze, was in Khurvaleti too, who during years headed the Georgian Association in France. 
Exhibition-Fair of Art Works by Female Convicts
On April 20, Human Rights Center organized exhibition-fair of the pottery-works of the convicted women in the conference hall of the Human Rights House Tbilisi. Tens of their works were exhibited in the hall. The convicted women created them in the frame of the Art-Therapy Program implemented by HRC in the penitentiary establishment. 
Museum of Occupation opened in Gori State University
Photo-documents describing the situation in the region before 2008 Russian-Georgian Armed Conflict, photos from the war and impact of the war, documents about Russian intervention in Shida Kartli region were exhibited in the newly opened Museum of Occupation in the Gori State University. Together with the photos there are banners with the stories of the people on the walls. There are two stands in the museum – one presents cartridges of large caliber air rifles and the second - the items, which were discovered in the houses burnt and ruined during the war. There is a key among them and the rector of the Gori State University Giorgi Sosiashvili recalled the story about the key.
Protest demonstrations may move from Agara to Tbilisi
About 500 employees sacked from the Agara Sugar Factory, Ltd have started 24-hour-long protest for 12 days already. During the day time, about 600 persons gather nearby the factory and at night 30 persons stay for the night-shift in the tents. 
Monument of culture heritage is collapsing
“Our life is under danger and not only our lives. This building creates threats for all passers-by,” resident of Isani Street # 2 Nana Sarishvili said. The residential building in Isani street # 2, Tbilisi is monument of culture heritage. It was constructed in 1885; the building is damaged and is ruining every day: water is leaking from the roof, there is threat that balcony and walls will fall down. The house shall be immediately dismantled and restored to the original design.
Natural disaster in Shida Kartli
On January 9, in a small town of Surami, as a result of intensive rains, the torrent from the mountain fell and was stuck in the channels; finally it rushed into the houses of locals. The ground floors were flooded. 10 families were particularly damaged. The drainage channel is near their houses.
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They wait for me in Abkhazia
Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
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Women – victims of violence


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
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