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Giorgi Tughushi: “Mortality among Prisoners in the First Half of 2010 Was the Highest in Recent Years”
Interpresnews interviewed Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi about human rights situation in Georgia.
Bezhan Khorava: “The War Always Has Alternative and It Is Peace”
 Georgian-Abkhaz relation still is and might always be urgent topic in our society. Humanrights.ge interviewed lecturer at the Sokhumi University, Professor of History Bezhan Khorava about the causes of the conflict, historical facts, bloody controversy, and ways to the conflict resolution and about many other interesting issues about Georgian-Abkhaz relations.
Paata Zakareishvili: “Georgia Has to Choose – To Lose Abkhazia or…”
Georgia has to choose – to lose Abkhazia or to allow people to keep in touch with their relatives in Abkhazia at least by phone – said conflict scientist Paata Zakareishvili in his conversation with the Netgazeti.

Gia Anchabadze: “In XII-XIII Centuries Term “Abkhaz” Had Three Meanings”
Historians have been unsuccessfully arguing about the history of Abkhazia for many years. Disagreement in various facts promoted establishment of incorrect stereotypes and opinions both in Georgian and Abkhaz societies. Part of experts thinks that disagreement and controversy about historical facts was one of the reasons for the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.
Davit Tsikarishvili: “Testing of Teachers Breaches Labor Rights”
The teachers were tested short time ago. Besides the tests in their subjects, the teachers were examined in professional skills. Participation in the tests was voluntary but if the teachers gained enough points, they were promised to have raise in their salaries. Part of teachers protests the results and thinks that points were not granted fairly. The humanrights.ge interviewed the head of legal department of the Independent Trade Union of Teachers “Ertoba” Davit Tsikarishvili.
Zurab Shengelia –Abkhaz Society and de-facto Authority of Abkhazia Have Dramatically Different Opinions about Current Situation
The Interpresnews interviewed the director of the research institute of Georgian-Abkhaz relationships at the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Zurab Shengelia about his visit in Abkhazia. He was invited to Sokhumi by his Abkhaz partners and has recently returned to Tbilisi.
Shahkin and Liparteliani
Minister of Education and Science, Dimitri Shashkin, denies information about the dismissal of the teachers with less than 18 working hours and retired teachers from public schools. The Human Rights Center interviewed the Minister and Vice-President of the Trade Union of Teachers, Maia Liparteliani.

False Information Hinders Restoration of Human Relations between the Abkhaz and Georgian Peoples
Otobaia is a village in Gali district where ethnic Georgians have hard life, but many families do not hurry to abandon the village. During the war in August of 2008 Otobaia was considered to be the most secure place in comparison Zugdidi. It might sound strange but many residents of Zugdidi and others too were sheltered Otobaia during the armed conflict. Today, there is no safe road towards this village; but the life goes on in Otobaia. Teacher of the Otobaia Public School # 1 Larisa Khupenia talked with the Human Rights Center about the current relations between the Abkhaz and Georgian peoples.
“Complaint Was Torn Off In Front of Me and They Threw Pieces At Me”
“I had to work in a very difficult situation. There was terror and since I requested the commission members explanations for the violations, they imposed two 500 GEL fines on me; of course I will appeal against those fines,” said the observer of the Human Rights Center journalist Gela Mtivlishvili in his interview with the newspaper “Resonance”. During the municipal elections of May 30, he had to work in almost every district of Kakheti region as an observer.

“Abkhaz People Have Never Hindered Schooling Process in Our School,” Director of the Georgian School in Otobaia Village
Gela Ratia is a director of the public school # 1 of the Georgian village of Otobaia in Gali district. He occupies very responsible position as an ethnic Georgian because he works in the territory occupied by Russia. He has to consider every word and step because the conflict between Georgian and Abkhaz people is still unresolved. Russian occupation negatively impacts on both nations.
Nino Khatiskatsi: “The Government is More Concerned about the Opinion of the International Community about Local Elections Than about the Opinion of Georgian Voters”
Interpresnews interviewed the head of the non-governmental organization Transparency International – Georgia Nino Khatiskatsi regarding the various aspects of the pre-election campaign.
Kakha Katsitadze: “Today, There Is Complete Regress in the Conflict Regulation Process”
Why are we permanently in war situation? Why have not we achieved consensus with Ossetian and Abkhaz parties? Expert Kakha Katsidze thinks it requires very thorough analyze. Our society was not oriented on resolving the problems through consensus – this mentality was established during the communist epoch. The wide-spread assumption was – “If I can subordinate or rob somebody, why should I agree with him about it?!”

Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper “Chance” Requests Ianukovich Political Shelter for His Family
Last Saturday, the founder and editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Chance” Bondo Kurdadze left Georgia together with his wife and three children. He spoke about the reasons of leaving the country on the phone with presa.ge. He is in Kiev now. On March 19, he requested political shelter to the president of the Ukraine officially and through media-sources. He requested political shelter for his family members from the European states too.

Guram Odisharia: “We Will Have Permanent Problems with Abkhaz People Until Our Policy Becomes More Human”
“Today, many people make slogans to restore territorial integrity. However, the main purpose is restoration human unity and relations. We do not need return of Abkhazia in square meters but first of all we should gain the trust of the people back. Unfortunately, politicians do not see the human factor at all. They just see politics and certain schemes,” said writer from Sokhumi Guram Odisharia in his interview with the humanrights.ge
Vakhtang Kipiani: “Georgian-Ukrainian Relations Shall Get either Frozen or Delayed”
-Mr. Vakhtang, how do you evaluate the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine?

-The first round finished with the results which were predicted long before. Nobody suspected that principle fights should start between Ianukovich and Timoshenko. People also argued about the candidate who would occupy the third place and they supposed it would be young politician Iatseniuk or current president Iushchenko. However, as we have witnessed, former head of National Bank, billionaire Sergei Togopko occupied the third place. Now, Togipko shall decide instead people who the next president of the Ukraine will be because he gained 13 % of votes. If he calls upon his supporters in the last days to vote for any of the remaining two candidates, it will definitely play very important role in the victory of the candidate. It is noteworthy, that many other candidates played only technical role in the elections: part of them supported Timoshenko while others supported Ianukovich and even Iushchenko. We can say that the elections were very democratic. Reports of international organizations, who observed the elections, prove the same. We can say that it was good because Ukraine can hold fair elections; though it is bad because Ukrainian people do not know the candidates very well.

Sozar Subari: “Necessary Changes Shall Be Carried out by the Church Itself and Not According to Directives of Liberty Institute
-Mr. Sozar, how do you evaluate the campaign launched on the social network “Facebook” which was assessed as anti-patriarchate and anti-patriarch campaign? How do you think, have they announced the questions which have bothered our society for a long time or it is purposeful propaganda?

Natia Korkotadze: “If Trial Is Fair, Vakhtang Maisaia Shall Be Released from Court Room”
The court will pass final judgment on military expert Vakhtang Maisaia, who is detained for espionage, presumably early in February. The proceeding has been going in closed regime for 5 months already. News Agency “Pirveli” has interviewed the attorney Natia Korkotadze about the details and presumed results of the case-discussion.

Zaza Khatiashvili: “Bar Association Will Become Effective Agency”
Bar Association has new chairman. The lawyers elected Zaza Khatiashvili on this position on December 27. The election was held in two parts.6 Lawyers were candidates during the first part. Ketevan Kvartskhava and Zaza Khatiashvili received most votes but in the second part Zaza Khatiashvili won with 720 votes.

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