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Ariane Tombet: “Conflict Parties Wish to Support Search of Missing People”
Although 19 years have passed since 1990s Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, the family members of many victimized people are still missing.  Victims of the armed conflict in August of 2008 also do not know the whereabouts of their missing family members. 

Lasha Tugushi: “There Is One Pocket Which Funds TV-Channels”
Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Resonance Lasha Tugushi works on the development of Georgian media. He participated in the preparation of about 11 draft-laws on media and part of them was already initiated at the parliament; another part is still being prepared. Lasha Tugushi told humanrights.ge that the packet of draft-laws cover a wide range of issues.

“European Commissioner’s Office Shocked by a Killed Prisoner’s Case”
Human rights expert Manana Kobakhidze returned from Strasbourg several days ago, where she was invited by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg.  Manana Kobakhidze spoke about the meeting in her interview with the tribuna.ge

John Bass about Democracy, Ivanishvili and Up-Coming Elections
On November 4, the US Ambassador to Georgia John Bass visited Ozurgeti district where he inaugurated the USAID funded “Civic Engagement Center”.

Interview with Bidzina Ivanishvili
Journalist Ia Antadze disseminated interview with Bidzina Ivanishvili. Humanrights.ge presents the part of the interview which concerns the problems of democracy, human rights and violations of his rights.

„It Is a Good Initiative to Include Bagrat Shunkuba’s “Last Ubykh” in School Curriculum”
Under the framework of Sorry Campaign Human Rights Center plans to publish a novel by Abkhazian writer Bagrat Shinkuba “Last Ubykh”. New books will be good gift both for Georgian and Abkhazian readers.

Vakhtang Maisaia: “I was punished because I did not confess what I had not committed”
Political scientist Vakhtang Maisaia was detained in May of 2009 under the charge of espionage. He confessed the crime during the preliminary investigation. However, he did not confess crime during the trial. The court passed 20-years imprisonment sentence against him. He is serving sentence in Rustavi #2 prison.

Tamar Kordzaia: “The Minister Could Neither Prove Accusation Nor Convince Us In Espionage of the Detainees”
Interpresnews interviewed Tamar Kordzaia from the Georgian Young Lawyers Association about the results of the journalists’ meeting with the minister of interior Vano Merabishvili about the detained photo-reporters; Kordzaia also attended the meeting.

Utiashvili: “Kurtsikidze Is a Well-Experienced Spy; He Has Won Those Two People Over”
Tribuna.ge published the full text of the interview of the head of the Analytic Department of the MIA Shota Utiashvili with the Russian magazine Commersant.

Lasha Chkhartishvili: „They Detained Me Because of Thinking“
Lasha Chkhartishvili from the Conservative Party was detained before the premiere of the Hollywood Movie „Five Days of August“on June 5. The members of the Conservative Party and other activists wanted to protest the pompous presentation of the film about the tragedy in August of 2008 and gathered in front of the parliament of Georgia. Police officers and armed people in civil cloths dismissed the demonstrators.

Irakli Alasania Recalls the Reasons of Dispute with Saakashvili and Okruashvili over Abkhazia Issues
While talking with the correspondent of Kviris Palitra Izo Rikadze, the leader of Free Democrats Irakli Alasania recalls the reasons of dispute with the President Saakashvili and former Minister of Defense Irakli Okruashvili. According to him, the case concerned the Kodori valley. Humanrights.ge presents the fragment from this interview.

Soso Jachvliani Will Sue Government in Strasbourg
After 30-day imprisonment and hunger-strike Soso Jachvliani said he will sue the government in Strasbourg.

Story about Angry Pitskhelauri
“Those, who work for Russians or Ossetians, who signs their documents and get salaries from them, cannot work with us,” representatives of Akhalgori district IDP administration – district governor Zurab Pitskhelauri and his deputy Valodia Shermadini - told us.

Ramaz Sakvarelidze: “You cannot watch without contempt how 200 demonstrators are beaten and overpowered by 2000 members of Special Forces”
Two weeks have passed since the events of May 26th, but the public still cannot forget the cruelty exercised by the riot police during the disruption of the demonstrators. The government is not going to apologize. Majority of experts including the political scientist Ramaz Sakvarelidze critically evaluate the recent developments.

Guram Odisharia: “Georgian and Abkhazian Society is Feed by the False Stereotypes”
What kind of perspectives public diplomacy has towards the resolution of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, what is the attitude of Abkhazian society towards Georgia, are they afraid of assimilation with Russians and how correct is the politics of Georgian government towards the conflict, the writer Guram Odisharia spoke with the interpressnews about these issues.

Interview with Deputy Minister of Justice Regarding the ECHR Judgment
-The European Court of Human Rights has partly satisfied the suitor’s request in the case of Enukidze and Girgvliani vs. Georgia. The court has instructed the Georgian state to pay the families €50, 000. As a representative of Georgia at the trial, did you expect this type of judgment from the court?

“Big Part of Society Is Overwhelmed by Concrete, Statistically Measurable Fear”
Interpresnews interviewed director general of the Analytic Group Terra Media Valerian Gorgiladze and asked whether Georgian society has fear and what is the reason; and what psychological changes are observed in the Georgian society since the independence was restored 20 years ago.

“I Am Innocent and Expected Fair Verdict from the Judge,” Giorgi Demetradze Told Kviris Palitra
Football-player Giorgi Demetradze was found guilty in the adherence of criminals and was sent to prison for 6 years. Davit Gagnidze were tried together with him. Demetradze claims that he is innocent.

“Supporters of Saakashvili Have Dignity Problems When They Try To Convince People that US State Department Is Crowd of Stupid People"
A leader of the Republic Party of Georgia Levan Berdzenishvili returned to Georgia several days ago. He spent five months in the USA in the framework of the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) program. This Foundation is the largest organization for the promotion of democratic development throughout the world.

Why Dolphins Die?
About one hundred dolphins have been rejected by the Black Sea on the Batumi coast for the last three years. The last rejected dolphin was observed several days ago.  The reason of the mortality among dolphins is acute virus which proves the pollution of the Black Sea as the specialists claim.

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