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Child Labor in Georgia
Although nobody has carried out a survey on the rights of the child in Georgia, in 1997-2000 research on child labor was carried out. It was implemented with the joint support of the UN Development Program and International Labor Organization (ILO). Since that time, nobody has remembered about the issue, and there is no information about the child labor in Georgia.
Child's Rights Are Abused in Georgia
International experts call upon the Georgian Government not to lower age of the criminal responsibility from 14 to the age of 12. "Georgian Legislation is severe and inflexible. You easily criminalize children. If you make these amendments to your legislation, your country will certainly be responsible to UN committee," concluded international expert, Karolyn Hamilton from Britain. She criticizes the situation in the child's rights in Georgia.
Pupils Are Frozen in Classrooms
Although, it is already winter no central heating have not been installed in schools yet. Both teachers and pupils get frozen in classrooms. Parents complain about school principals and demand to resolve the problem. Most part of Tbilisi based schools has similar complaints.
Money Is Paid and Children Return Home from the Orphanages
UN supports children from orphanages to return to family environment. Those families who foster children are paid minimal sums. According to present data total 218 orphan children and those lacking parental care have left the orphanage. Some of them have returned to their families, while others have been fostered by strange families.
School for Children Suffering with Scoliosis Is to be Closed
A school for children suffering with scoliosis in Rustavi is going to be closed down. Pupils, teachers and parents are protesting against this decision and ask for help. They are sure that reforms should be implemented, however “Ill children should not become the victims of reform. Closing the school means leaving children without anything”, say parents and teachers.
Alcoholic ‘Mother’ Does Not Care About Child Rights
Four-year-old Mariami attracted our interested after we saw her being physically assaulted by her drunken ’adopted mother’. Witnesses say Lili Chugoshvili, from Gurjaani, has been continuously insulting the child, making her do whatever she wants and forcing the girl to obey. Despite local police being informed about the situation in detail, no legal action is being taken. Chugoshvili’s neighbours explain that whoever remarks about the situation to the woman will be physically assaulted by her.
Street Children – State Burden or Responsibility? (Part Two)
In June 2006, the ‘Children’s Social Adaptation Centre’ was opened in Tbilisi. The aim of the centre was to take care of orphans and street children, integrating them into society. However, the director of the centre was fired within three months after a scandal. The same almost happened with the new director as well. The public thinks that centre is not working for the children and the heads of the organization care only about money. The fact is that state policies do not address the issue of what will happen to street children in the future, proving the doubts people have.
Who will more effectively investigate the high-profile cases?
Chief Prosecutor’s office Temporary investigation commission of the Parliament Independent investigation body Commission for the identification of the miscarriages of justice I do not know


Fragile Peace in Balkans
After a long and complicated preparation period, on July 30, we landed in Sarajevo. Despite scary landing caused by bad weather conditions, I
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria


What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?
“Miscarriages of justice“– we use this term to characterize the problems existing in the system of Georgian judiciary during ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili’s governance. 
Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests
Autumn Fly

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