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Newly Reconstructed Schools in Zugdidi Remain without Central-Heating
Traditional ways of heating at Zugdidi district Public Schools are still kept up. Firewood, diesel and in better cases electric ovens have no alternative. Although millions of lari were spent on reconstruction of Public Schools # 1 and # 2 in Zugdidi (the largest city of the region) the central heating has worked for two years.
Central Heating Is On but Classrooms Are Still Cold
Central heating is an unresolved problem in public schools in the Akhaltsikhe District. School directors say that the system has been repaired but children still collect money to buy firewood for heating. Representatives of the resource center suppose that an increase in vouchers will resolve the problems after December.
Expectation for Orion-Disabled Children Need Attention
Tsereteli Street 2, in Zestafoni-it is a present address of the day-center for disabled children. You will never imagine what these children can do in these two rooms; it is almost incredible. As soon as you enter the room, the disability of those little people disappears and they consider themselves plenipotentiary members of the society. They are not treated here like disabled people.

Grandmother Loses Grandchild- Will Grandmother Find Justice?
Citizen Valentine Onishenko addressed the Kutaisi office of the Human Rights Centre. Ever since her daughter’s death, over a year ago, she has been trying to get her little granddaughter Mariam back. Her godmother’s mother, Elene Tukvadze, took the child away on the day of her mother’s funeral.

Benary Public School Lacking Window and Floor Requires Attention
At one glimpse the Building of the Public School of the village of Benari in the Adigeni Municipal looks like a hut. It has neither gym, nor school equipments. The School administration has applied for help to the Educational Resource Centre many times but in vain.

Human Rights Centre Submitted the Report to UN
On October 8, 2007 Georgian NGOs submitted the alternative report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Among them was the joint report of Human Rights Center (HRIDC), Public Health and Development Fund of Georgia (PHMDF) and World Organization Againt Torture (OMCT). The representatives of HRIDC and PHMDF attended the pre-session and made the presentation of the reports as well as they respond to the questions of the committee members. The committee got interest in every item of the convention implemented on national level.

Disorder in Boarding-School in Zemo Bodbe
Although doctor Lela Macharashvili has a degree in “internal medicine”, she illegally treated residents of the boarding school for orphans for a year. The nurse knew that she should not prescribe medication to children without doctor’s orders; but she did. The director of the orphanage knew about these violations but did not react to it.

Akhaltsikhe Boarding School – A Look Inside
With a high concrete wall and a large iron gate the building reminds you of a house of a witch in fairy tales. The gate has pointy black edges. However, you will see the difference as soon as you enter the yard. Forty-two children live behind that fence with their individual dreams, happiness and different histories.

At Home or At Children’s House?
“Georgian government will do its best to withdraw children lacking parental care from institutions and return them to their biological families or send to foster families. Thus the children will find the love they lacked for many previous years,” said Tamar Chanturia, the head of the program “Assistance of Orphan Children and Children Lacking Parental Care” within the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science.
People from “Mecxre Ubani” Will Remain Without School
“We could never imagine that the school that was built for us, would be closed down one day and we would face problems because of it,” said Muslim Meskh, Khasan Eristavi who was resettled to Samtredia District from Azerbaijan in 1983. In September the school in the village of Ianeti is supposed to be closed down.
Schools for Difficult Children Are about to Open in Tbilisi
In September, alternative schools for difficult children will be opened in Tbilisi because of increased number of crimes among juveniles. The idea of alternative schools was initiated by Ministry of Education and Science and Georgian General Prosecutor’s Office. Future pupils of alternative schools will be selected by a specially set up discipline committee. Initially, similar schools swill be opened only in Tbilisi and then in other regions as well.
Because of “Principles” of Adults, Children Remain Homeless
Under-age children, eight-year-old Nika and five-year-old Ia Kikavas remain homeless because of principles of the adults. Batumi City Court has been discussing the argument between the children and their uncles, Temur and Vaza Kikavas. They argue about the estate inherited from the grandfather. The children have their right violated because of their parents.
Non Governmental Organization “Saphari” Presents Annual Report
Two days ago union “Saphari” presented one year report of the project “Creation of regional network of victims of domestic violance”.
Violence in the Name of Motherhood
Some time ago, law enforcement bodies detained fifteen-year-old Giorgi Khachishvili for thievery. Relatives of the family claim that the boy was forced to commit a crime because of unbearable conditions of his family. Giorgi’s four little siblings live in similar conditions too. Alcoholic mother treats her children cruelly. Neighbors said that she tries to feed her hungry children with alcohol. If they resist her, she beats them.
Beaten Pupil Has Brain Concussion
Teacher for the Akhaltsikhe Public School # 3 beat the pupil and the incidents resulted into the brain concussion of the child. The teacher still works at the school.
Offender or Parents Who Care about Future?
Violence and violence on children is the problem that might cause serious complications for the country in future. People, who became victims of violence in their childhood, are grown up into offenders or have inferiority complex. Readers might get surprised and blame me for exaggeration of the problem, but very often parents turn out to be violators of these children.
Neither Food nor Salaries, but Nursery Schools Remains Open
One day, watery soup, beans, potatoes. The next, potatoes, watery soup, beans, a little milk reads the menu for the nursery school where staff still have not received their salaries.
Various Information about the Rights of Child
Twelve-year-old Irakli Sichinava walks two kilometer-long-path every day. The narrow path among fields, plots and valleys leads him to the “Red Hill”; so he calls the place where he walks to with empty sack on his back. He has to fetch half-sack of red clay from there and walks almost five kilometers to get back to his small wooden hut. He lives with his brothers, little sister, parents and grandparents. Nobody works in the family. Children do not go to school because they do not have books.
Will Disputable Child Be Sold In Turkey?
Forty-five-year-old Nana, who is a disabled person of the first group, applied to the Prosecutor’s office to assist her to return her three-year-old child. Law enforcers launched a case on illegal adoption of a child; however, there is a doubt that the mother, who lives together with a Turkish man, wants to sell her child.
Nursery Schools May Be Closed In Akhaltsikhe District
Governesses from the nursery schools in the Akhaltsikhe district have worked without salaries for four months. Representatives of the local government stated that they could not fund the organization which does not exist legally.
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