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Child Lost in the Forest Is Not Found Yet
Vasiko Tsiklauri disappeared on September 26.  He has been unsuccessfully quested till now. The family hopes the child is still alive and traffickers took him to Azerbaijan.
Government Gets Profit from the Charity for Disabled Adults
In the country, where most people live in the hardest conditions, the charity is always welcomed. A lot of good was done by charity-mongers but like everything else in Georgia, the charity has its “national characteristics.” The eminent example of this is the charity show of the Rustavi 2 “Who Wants Twenty Thousand (GEL).”

Floor Fell Down in the Recently-Renovated School
Public school in the village of Kukhi in Khoni district is one of those which were renovated with the financial support of the state budget. Several days ago, the floor fell down on the second floor during the lesson. Luckily nobody was in the area at that time! After the parquet was removed from the floor, the wooden material was found completely rotten. Specialists say the material was damaged by paving wet parquet on it.
“I Do Not Want To Be an IDP” - Slogan of the Children’s Concert from Akhalgori District in Tskhinvali, But Failed in Tbilisi
 Director of the youth palace of Akhalgori district Tamar Mearkishvili was not allowed to hold culture events in Tbilisi. The beneficiaries of the youth palace had to exhibit and sell their handmade cloths on the event. The cloths were exhibited by models. The event was planned in the central office of one of the leading banks in Tbilisi. Tamar Mearkishvili does not publish the name of the bank for certain reasons.

Students in Abnormal Conditions!
Board in 56 cm from the bench; the steps strengthened by wooden pillars that can fall down any time; broken floor; water leaking from the roof; walls cracking from dampness; cold rooms because of damaged windows; more than 250 students live in such conditions in the public schools of the villages Melaani of Gurjaani region and village Erisimedi of Signagi region.
Violence In the Name of Care
“Mother has an easy form of mental disorder and is not able to ensure the healthy environment for her child and the inevitability of the relevant medical treatment. Children don’t have sufficient food and seasonal clothing,” – on these motives the Signagi Department of Social Service Agency took away two children of 24-years-old N.K at first, and several days ago, on the basis of the court decision, the socials workers took away 1-year-older Giorgi from her mother’s breast with the help of executors.
The boarding school for children with celebral paralysis to be closed
Gurjaani boarding school is the only institution in Georgia where children with celebral paralysis study. The children go through special medical treatment there as well. According to the decision of the Ministry of Education, the boarding school will be closed in September.
“Abkhaz People Have Never Hindered Schooling Process in Our School,” Director of the Georgian School in Otobaia Village
Gela Ratia is a director of the public school # 1 of the Georgian village of Otobaia in Gali district. He occupies very responsible position as an ethnic Georgian because he works in the territory occupied by Russia. He has to consider every word and step because the conflict between Georgian and Abkhaz people is still unresolved. Russian occupation negatively impacts on both nations.
Computer Instead Book – Ticket for Future or Infernal Experiment?
On April 6, the president Saakashvili informed the government members about the reforms planned in the educational system during their session in Kutaisi. He assessed the reform as Computer and Linguistic Revolution. “Computers instead Books,” this is the new initiative of the president.

Public Defender Criticizes Situation in Orphanages
Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi criticizes the situation in the orphanages. According to him, based on the interviews with beneficiaries and psychological evaluations of the situation, various methods of violence are used in educational institutions.

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Will the appointment of the candidate judges nominated by the Supreme Council of Justice for life-long term in the Supreme Court strengthen justice?
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