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Transparency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
On April 25, Transparency International – Georgia and Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) presented the joint survey report Transparency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
August War Impact
On April 25, representatives of Human Rights Center met victims of the 2008 August War in the villages of Vedzisi and Tkviavi in Gori municipality. Human Rights Center defends rights of the war victims in front of the Strasbourg Court and The Hague International Criminal Court. At the same time, Human Rights Center advocates the victim status for those victimized during the war, who have not yet received the status, with the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia.
Population of Koshka Village Request Repair of the Roads

On April 25, residents of Koshka village, which is situated adjacent to the occupation line in Shida Kartli, held a demonstration in front of the Gori municipality administration to request rehabilitation of the village roads. They said because of damaged roads drivers of rout mini-buses went on strike and the villagers also joined them.
Gori Football Stadium Restituted to Its Former Owner
On April 25, based on the decision of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, Gori Tengiz Burjanadze Football Stadium was restituted to its former owners Mikheil Lursmanashvili and his business partners.  
Government’s Choice between Public Health and Tobacco Business
On April 18, the Parliamentary Committee of Healthcare and Social Issues held working meeting instead the second hearing of the draft law on Tobacco Control. The government requested to postpone the second hearing and the Committee conducted the discussion in informal format. Although the second hearing was postponed based on the initiative of the government and the main part of the meeting was dedicated to the discussion of the government’s remarks about the draft-law, the government’s representatives did not participate in the meeting.
Foreign Minister of Estonia Said the Elections in Tskhinvali Region Were Illegitimate
On April 24, the members of the Estonian Government’s delegation visited the Khurvaleti village in Shida Kartli in the frame of their official visit in Georgia. They studied the situation alongside the occupation line. The Foreign Minister of Estonia Sven Mikser and the delegation members received the information about the situation alongside the occupation line from Kakha Kemoklidze, representative of the State Security Service. The delegation members talked with Davit Vanishvili, 83, whose house is now on the other side of the occupation line. The Foreign Minister of Estonia made a statement to declare his support to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. Sven Mikser made a remark about the recent elections in Tskhinvali region and said it was illegitimate.
Accusations against Khashuri municipality property management service unit
Zaza Mekhrishvili, a resident of Khashuri municipality, blames the head and two employees of the Economical Service Unit at the Khashuri municipal administration in his verbal and physical assault. Mekhrishvili claims the controversy started after he published a critical post about the property management service unit in the social network.
Court dispute over football stadium
Mikheil Lursmanashvili applied to the chief prosecutor’s office and the court with the claim to get the Gori based Tengiz Burjanadze Football Stadium back. Lursmanashvili said, during the governance of the United National Movement, he was forced to give up the property and assign it to the state. Lawyer Amiran Giguashvili defends interests of Mikheil Lursmanashvili at the court; the Gori City Hall is defendant in the court dispute.
Gunnar M. Ekeløve-Slydal: Getting full cooperation from the Georgian side will be one of the Challenges for ICC
Humanrights.ge spoke with Gunnar Ekeløve-Slydal, Deputy Secretary General of Norwegian Helsinki Committee regarding the investigation of 2008 August war by International Criminal Court.
რა ცვლილებებს ითვალისწინებს პატიმრობის განახლებული კოდექსი
გათავისუფლებისთვის მომზადების დაწესებულება, დარჩენილი სასჯელის უფრო მსუბუქი სახის სასჯელით – შინაპატიმრობით შეცვლა, ავადმყოფობის გამო მსჯავრდებულის გათავისუფლება სასჯელის მოხდისგან, საოჯახო პაემნით სარგებლობა, ტელევიზორით სარგებლობის უფლება, უმაღლესი განათლების მიღება, პირობით ვადამდე გათავისუფლება, ქალი მსჯავრდებულის უფლება თავისუფლების აღკვეთის დაწესებულების დატოვების შესახებ - ამ ცვლილებებს ითვალისწინებს პენიტენციური სისტემის რეფორმის შესახებ საქართველოს მთავრობის მიერ ინიცირებული საკანონმდებლო ცვლილებათა პაკეტი, რომელიც საქართველოს პარლამენტმა პირველი მოსმენით  მიიღო.  
Public Defender of Georgia Echoes Revised Text of Constitution Drafted by State Constitutional Commission
The Public Defender of Georgia is echoing the revised text of the constitution of Georgia, drafted by the working groups of the State Constitutional Commission. The Public Defender praises the fact that the Constitution will provide for the provisions aimed at ensuring internet freedom and gender equality, which was the recommendation of the Public Defender. However, he regrets that he Commission did not take into account several important recommendations of the Public Defender.
„I deserved and received it” – up-to half million GEL for Easter Holiday bonuses
With regard to the Easter Holidays, 440 582 GEL was spent on the bonuses of the employees of the Kakheti region municipal administrations and councils. The most of them – 88 000 GEL was spent in Gurjaani municipality. “I deserved and received it” – the Gurjaani municipality governor Givi Gergidze declared. The ICK could not get his answer for what particular deed he deserved the bonus. As ICK found out, Givi Gergidze has blocked the incoming calls from ICK editorial office and its journalists on his service phone number 599 75 04 14. When the journalists tried to call him from other numbers, he answered “Do not bother me.”

Family of the deceased officer mistrusts the investigation
On February 25, 2017, officer Suliko Anesashvili died during physical trainings nearby the Karaleti base of the Special Tasks Department of the MIA. The family members of the officer declared mistrust to the investigation two months after the accident and claim the investigation process is dragged out and ineffective.

Rights of cancer patients
Currently, there are 46 800 cancer patients in Georgia – Association Right to Health reported to the society based on the data provided from the GeoStatistics during the working meeting “Realization of the Right to Health and Access to Medicines for the Cancer Patients” on March 31. Doctors, lawyers, representatives of NGOs and Public Defender’s Office attended the working meeting, which was held in the office and with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation.
Father of the Former Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Registered Property Ownership on 28 Plots in Manavi Village
Nugzar Badashvili, the father of the former Chief Prosecutor of Georgia and now the head of the investigative service at the Ministry of Finances Giorgi Badashvili, works for different state funded enterprises and his salary doubles every year. In 2016, Nugzar Badashvili registered 227 467 sq. meters of agricultural land in Manavi village, Sagarejo municipality. 
24-years-old girl was kidnapped for the purpose of marriage after she applied the police for help
In Gurjaani, 27-years-old G. Tsankashvili kidnapped the 24-years-old girl to get married with her. The incident happened in the evening of April 11. As witnesses told the ICK, the girl was leaving the sport complex in Gurjaani, when four men approached her and forcibly pushed her into the car. 
Location of the Parliament – Topic for Discussion
This week, the Constitutional Commission is actively discussing the issue of the location of the Parliament of Georgia. On Monday, April 10, the Commission members received the draft amendments, which stated that the Parliament shall reside in Kutaisi. However, the positions voiced at the Tuesday session show that the location is still under dispute. According to the information disseminated after the Tuesday session, the concrete location of the Parliament of Georgia may not be written in the Constitution at all. Constitutionalist Vakhtang Khmaladze is author of the new initiative.
“What happened in the street?”
“Several months ago, I was going to work by taxi; the driver was masturbating in the car… I could neither cry nor ask him to stop the car. Who has never gone through that, would never realize how confusing and queasily this situation is. As soon as we reached the place, I dropped the money and rushed out of the car.”
Challenges of ICC Investigation Process in the Alleged War Crimes of 2008 August War
The International Criminal Court (ICC) plans to open a field office in Georgia. Based on the January 27, 2016 decision of the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber, the investigation into the alleged war crimes committed in the territory of Georgia during 2008 August War, has been underway for more than one year. Representatives of Georgian NGOs and human rights defenders see several challenges in the process of investigation.
Were the local government elections held democratically?
Yes No I do not have an answer


Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
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Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


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Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
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