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Mentally Disabled Person Was Deprived of Pension
Naira Tsartsidze, who complains about several diseases, has remained without pension. She received the allowance for three years.
Schools for Difficult Children Are about to Open in Tbilisi
In September, alternative schools for difficult children will be opened in Tbilisi because of increased number of crimes among juveniles. The idea of alternative schools was initiated by Ministry of Education and Science and Georgian General Prosecutor’s Office. Future pupils of alternative schools will be selected by a specially set up discipline committee. Initially, similar schools swill be opened only in Tbilisi and then in other regions as well.
Sixteen-Year-Old Juvenile Might Be Imprisoned for Nine Years for having Stolen Bicycle
Sixteen-year-old Nodar Tukvadze has been in Batumi Jail # 3 for six months already where he is waiting for court verdict. Batumi Prosecutor’s Office blames the juvenile for having stolen a bicycle. The investigation is based only on victim’s testimony that is impartial according to the lawyer of the accused. The victim is an inspector for Adjara Defense Police Department.
Aunt Is Seized of Flat Because of Niece’s Debts
The government granted Medea Khokhashvili with flat as she was victim of earthquake. She lives in the flat with her two children but now her family will remain homeless because of the debts taken by Medea Khokhashvili’s niece.
Oil Refiners Demand Their Debt from the State
Workers and employees of the Batumi Oil-Refining Factory demand the state to fulfill the promise made to them ten years ago. The state started the construction of cooperative residential building in 1988. Although 54 families had paid the money for their future flats by 1991, the construction did not exceed the basement. The government admits that the debt to those families is the “inner debt of the county”; however they have not worked on the mechanisms to compensate the damaged families.
Who Protects the Rights of Doctors and Patients?
Center for Patient’s Rights within the Public Defender’s Office was established more than a year ago. Irma Manjavidze, an expert –in-chief for the center, considers the best solution of the situation is to inform doctors and patients about their rights. What are the main complaints of patients when they apply to the Patient’s Rights Center within the Public Defender’s Office? What is the situation regarding the patients’ rights in regions? Do doctors know their rights better than patients?-these are questions the Human Rights Center asked Irma Manjavidze.
Children Fall Sick of Bronchial Asthma in Adjara
Children from Adjara Region fall sick of Bronchial Asthma very often. According to the official statistics, nearly 1 700 children are ill with chronic inflammation of bronchial tube only in Batumi. Representatives of the Allergic Center within the Adjara Healthcare Republic Center do not deny that more children might fall ill of the disease. Specialists say that the Asthma is incurable illness so far and its treatment is too expensive. Extremely impoverished families cannot visit hospitals at all.
Public School # 125 Will Be Forfeited to School Optimization
Process of school optimization is too painful in Georgia. Teachers are losing their jobs, pupils will have to walk long distance to get to school and parents will have to give their children enough money to travel to school by bus. Teachers claim that officially schools are being closed down because of optimization, however real situation is different.
Residential Houses of Chakvi Population Will Soon Be Dismantled
According to the resolution of the Kobuleti Municipality, 173 residential houses in the area of the small town of Chakvi will be deconstructed in the nearest future. Those people who are threatened to remain homeless applied to the Human Rights Center (HRIDC) for help. The number of the people reached 1000.
“Books from Kutaisi” Remain Homeless
“On July 26, Kutaisi residents will witness unprecedented fact. The police will carry out books from the shop into the street and close the door in front of us. They have postponed the eviction twice but on July 26 final term expires. As for these books they will remain in the street. We do not have any place to take them for some time. There is only one book-shop in Kutaisi which has sixty-year-long history. However, the shop is about to stop its existence,” said Jemal Svanidze, Director of the Kutaisi Book-shop # 1 in his conversation with the Human Rights Center’s (HRIDC) Kutaisi Office.
Illegally Evicted Family Lives in Garage
The executor of the court evicted the family of Ednar Beridze from their flat in Khimshiashvili Street # 94 and they have sheltered into a neighbor’s garage for more than a month. The family is afraid of being evicted from their temporary shelter too because the authority is actively dismantling garages. Nikoloz Gegeshidze, the lawyer for the victim family, said that the Beridzes are illegally evicted from the falt. The court will soon discuss their case.
Altered Budget with Similar Plans
On July 17, unlike other meetings, the session of the Gori Municipality started fifteen minutes later. Nukri Papunashvili, the Deputy Chairman of the Municipality, excused himself for being late.
One More Private Property Is Being Deconstructed
Twenty-six families, former residents of the Tabukashvili Street 50, Tbilisi, have remained in the street. Their private property started to be dismantled without warning the inhabitants. It was known that Tbilisi City Hall had some complaints about the building; however the deconstruction of the house started without having warned the residents.
Draft Law to Protect Juveniles
Georgian Public Defender is preparing a special legislative initiative to protect juveniles from negative influence. Working variant of the draft law is ready. According to amendments, media or other sources, who violate presumption of innocence, will be charged under Administrative Code.
“Court Transparency Is Necessary”
Journalists from Samtskhe-Javakheti Region expressed their concern regarding the legislative amendments introduced to the law on prohibition of photo-film-video shooting at trials.
Sport Academy Is About to Be Sold
Protest demonstrations have been held for a week already to protect Sport Academy from abolishment. According to the decision of the Ministry of Sport, Culture and Monument Protection Academy is going to join Ilia Chavchavadze State University. Students and lecturers of the Academy, as well as veteran sportsmen, claim that the situation will result into a total collapse in Georgian sport and they are not going to give in.
“I Do Not Know Why the Minister Needs To Tell So Many Lies?”
High educational institution is about to be established on the basis of Zugdidi branch of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University (TSU). Aleksandre Lomaia, Minister of Education and Gia Khubua, Rector of the State University, informed the employees of the Zugdidi Branch of the University about the decision when they arrived in Zugdidi.
“American Embassy Should Know How They Fight Against Trafficking in Georgia”
Gori District Court sentenced Zaza Amiridze, a resident of Gori, to twelve-year-imprisonment; he was accused for trafficking. Gia Amashukeli, lawyer for Amiridze, said that the accusation against his client was groundless and aimed at demonstrating the law enforcers’ „ostentatious fight against trafficking.”
“12 Steps” For Drug Addict Prisoners
Little time ago, scientific conference regarding drug and alcohol addiction was held in Kutaisi detention setting # 2. The fact was extraordinary because the speakers at the conference were drug addict prisoners. They were discussing the negative influence of the dope on health; how it destroys the mentality of the abuser, etc.
Political Leaders Assess “Sorry Campaign”
Political leaders made comments on the “Sorry Campaign” initiated by the Human Rights Center. Some of them cannot see any problems in apology while others think that the center started the campaign to gain some grants. There are people who think that the campaign will have bad influence on peace-keeping talks.
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