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Naira Gelashvili hopes President won’t sign Eviction Notice for “Kavkasiuri sakhli”
Naira Gelashvili hopes that the President won’t sign an eviction notice for “Kavkasiuri saxli’’ from Tabidze # 20. NGO “Kavkasiuri Sakhli’’ is set to be evicted from the historical Smirnov House and subsequently moved into a museum.

“I’ll rip you to shreads,” threatened officials of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Officials from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Alverd Chankseliani and Khatuna Akhalaia, verbally and physically insulted two journalists, Madona Batiashvili and Gela Mtivlishvili of the Kakheti Information Centre. The unfortunate incident took place on July 29, 2010 at 5 PM, in the building of the Ministry, the Orhus Center. The exchange was colorful in its wording, “you’re sick and need treatment … “what an idiot! I should just tear you to threads, you up,’’ – threatened the Ministry officials.
The guns kept in the children’s wardrobes, in other words how the political prisoners started
The Conservative party member Demur Antia was arrested on September 5th, 2008 in the morning at 5 o’clock. The search took place in his home early in the morning. Police found guns on the second floor in the children’s room. Despite the obvious violations in his case, Antia was convicted a year in prison.

Lack of Burial Ground in Mestia
There is currently no new cemetery in Mestia and there isn’t any more burial ground available in the old cemetery. The local citizens are asking for more land.
The existing cemetery that has been used for seven family generations should have been abolished a long time ago. The cemetery is situated in the center of Mestia, around the St. George Monastry area. There are no more burial plots. People have to dig into the ground and remove preexisting bones in order to bury the dead. Then they collect the bones and bury them again.

Russia rails at Georgian minister's 'stripper' photos
The Russian media has seized upon a raunchy photograph – of the Georgian Economy Minister posing in a nightclub – to release a fresh torrent of criticism at President Mikheil Saakashvili for appointing "strippers" to his cabinet.
Saakashvili Talks on ‘Total Defense’ to Army Top Brass
Georgia needs “a total defense” wherein “each village should be able to defend itself”, as Russia has not dropped its plans to occupy entire country, President Saakashvili said on July 28.
“Don’t attack me or I’ll attack you!’’ Public Figure threatens the Journalists
Take this article out... don’t attack me at all, or I’ll attack you...’’ wrote Otar Kovziridze in an email to the journalist, Ilia Martkopishvili. Otar Kovziridze is an activist for the Nationalist Party and works at the Dedoplistskaro municipality government. Kovziridze assures that his words don’t include any form of threatening. Though, he can’t explain what gives him right to demand the cancellation of material posted on the journalist’s blog.
Human Rights Protectors are condemning President Saakashvili’s racist expressions and militarist politics
On July 29th, a representative of the Equality Institute, Irakli Kakabadze, and the executive director of Human Rights Center, Ucha Nanuashvili, held a press conference. The purpose of this event was to address the racist, xenophobic and militarist expressions used by President Saakashvili in speeches and government politics.

“Hide Son, Commissar Is Coming!”
I’ve been writing so much about the expected amendment of the Law of Reserve Service that somebody might consider me either an apologist or its sworn enemy.

Christopher Walker: Georgia in a Period of Stagnation
The listener of the radio Liberty knows that at the end of June an authoritative international organization Freedom House published the annual report called “transitional states” that analyses the democratization degree of Eurasian countries.

“New Anaklia” on the Private Land
The president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili announced the plan of the development and rehabilitation of the infrastructure in Anaklia on September 8 last year and promised the locals that in 2-3 years Anaklia would be a nice sea-resort. Those Spanish architects will work on the project of “New Anaklia” who planned the new boulevard in Batumi. He said yacht-club, hanging bridge, boulevard and new infrastructure will be constructed in Anaklia. However, the local people could not even imagine that it would happen at the expense of their property.

“It Is Discrimination of Teachers and Nothing More”
“A person and particularly teacher shall not live in permanent fear. It is the only reason why I took part in the exams. It is shameful when a teacher (after such a tense school year) has to take exams instead creating better working conditions for them; they cannot even explain to us why we need the exams because they dismiss teachers from schools despite all our efforts,” a teacher from Kutaisi stated after leaving the examination center on July 22. Most of the local teachers did not attend the exam.
Nephew of Emzar Kvitsiani Takes Care of Kodori Valley
“The situation got hopeless after Saakashvili launched the war in August of 2008,” regretted the residents of Dali Valley. Before the occupation, the government of Georgia called Upper Abkhazia to this territory. The local people (Svani) think term – Dali Valley – is more proper name for their region. The name of Kodori is associated with the Kodori River which flows in the Dali Valley.
IDPs Evicted from “Samshoblo” (homeland) Aren’t Giving in Their Request.
The IDPs evicted from the former publishing house “Samshoblo” (homeland) are planning to continue the protest rallies. They are requesting the provision with the residence places. There are approximately 300 families of IDPs in the building. According to Conservative Party member, Lasha Chkhartishvili, only several families of IDPs took the offering of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation – accommodation in Potskho and Oreli. The rest are temporarily residing in the places of their relatives.


Maia Chigoeva-Tsaboshvili: “Georgians and Ossetians are predestined for living together”
The head of the non-governmental organization Iber-Rioni, Maia Chigoeva is currently an emigrant in Cadana, but, as she states with the Human Rights Center, she doesn’t want to openly talk about her emigrant experience to avoid the undesirable interpretations. One thing is clear – like Gocha Dzasokhov, Leri Khabelov and Arsen Kasabiev, Maia Tsaboshvili-Chigoevi could not live in “revolutionary Georgia.”
Water Utility ,,Mtkvari-em” Blocked Irrigation System during -Droughts
For a period two weeks the villages of the Gori district, Khidistavi, Uflistsikhe , Kvakhvreli and Doesi were blocked from using an irrigation system from the water company ,,Mtkvari-em”.  The head of  ,,Mtkvari-em” says that in this period there was no- water.
Deputy Administrative Head Misappropriates Aunt’s Property
Kartlos Kipiani, deputy head of the Georgian Government administration office, sold his aunt’s house in spite of the fact that power of attorney had expired. The sale resulted in 20,000 GEL being transferred to his personal bank account.   He never shared any of the proceeds  with his aunt during the proceeding legal process between him and his aunt, Nani Kiphiani, and which has been continuing now for three years.

Part of Dedoplistkaro Lands Might be Left in Azerbaijan
Kakliskure, the natural peninsula in the Dedoplistkaro district is on the edge of catastrophe. The river might alter the connecting land which will result in leaving 180 hectares of land in Azerbaijanian territory. 
France's Kouchner Tells Georgia: Keep It Civil
French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner came to Georgia on July 14 with a simple message: Put the emphasis on civil society to put an end to conflicts with the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Information and Comments by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on the Police Operation in Mestia of 7 July 2010
In 2010, Canadian investor William James Simpson purchased a land area in the town of Mestia from Giorgi Svanidze, along with a ruined building of the former tourist complex “Ushba,” where he planned to construct a hotel. The land purchase agreement was legal and was registered in the Georgian National Agency of Public Registry (Svanidze had been an owner of this land for several years). William Simpson’s official, notarially certified representative in Georgia was David Kukhilava, resident of the town of Jvari.
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