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International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
On June 26, Human Rights House Tbilisi had a discussion regarding International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. They discussed current situation in the penitentiary system from different angles and talked about the challenges and positive measures taken in jails and penitentiary establishments. .
23-year-old Turpal Borhasvhili - the 12th killed from Pankisi in Syria Information Center of Kakheti
Another citizen of Georgia, 23-year-old Turpal Borchashvili from Pankisi gorge, who lived in village Dzibakhevi, died during hostilities in city of Kobani, Syria. Turpal Borchashvili was fighting on the side of so-called Islamic State. Six months ago, he went from Georgia to Turkey and then moved to Syria. Family members of Turpal Borchashvili confirmed his death to Information Center of Kakheti. 
The Facts of Torture and Inhuman Treatment in Prisons
On June 26 representatives of Human Rights Center held a press conference at “Reportiori” press-club about the practice of torture in the penitentiary system. According to the executive Director Aleko Tskitishvili, June 26 is an International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. The torture is an important issue ინ more than one hundred countries. 
Fraud Victim Pensioner Asks for Help
“I am a pensioner and socially indigent. Every day I am afraid that we will be evicted and end up ინ streets. I do not know where to spend my old years. I live in unbearable conditions with my daughter and two small grandchildren,”- said Zhuzhuna Jobadze. 
U.S. Human Rights Report on Georgia
Domestic and politically motivated violence; increased societal intolerance against minority groups, including hate speech and interference with religious worship; shortcomings in the legal system and inappropriate use of pretrial detention have been identified as the most important human rights problems in Georgia last year, according to the U.S. Department of State’s annual report.
Violence as a Lifestyle
“You have to beat your wife daily, so she listens to you – this is my husband’s motto, which he perfectly followed for years and was happy with it,” –the victim of a domestic violence told humanrights.ge.
Parliament Endorses Interior Ministry Reform with First Reading
Parliament passed on June 27 with its first reading package of legislative amendments envisaging decoupling of security and intelligence agencies from the Interior Ministry.
Meeting in Ergneti between representatives of Georgia and De Facto Government of South Ossetia
The 56th meeting of Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism held in Ergneti, started with the accusations from Ossetia. The representatives of de facto Government of South Ossetia warned Georgian side, that in order to avoid provocations, representatives of law enforcement agencies who stand on the occupation border, should abstain from moving to occupied territory. Otherwise, the head of the delegation of de facto Government of South Ossetia, Khokh Gagloiti, does not exclude the possibility of armed conflict. გამორიცხავს. 
Gori Municipality Assembly Refused to Transfer Buildings to the Ministry of Economy
The Ministry of Economy asks transfer of four kindergarten buildings from the Gori City Hall, so they can legalize this space for internally displaced persons. At this moment, refugees are living temporarily in these four buildings. Gori City Hall rents five kindergarten buildings, for which 4000 lari are spent monthly from the local budget. 

Wrongdoing in Gori City hall
A simplified tender was held in Gori City Hall on June 15. The City Mayor was head of the tender commission. Only one company, “Vereli +”, was participating in the tender announced by the City Hall. At this meeting, the tender commission gave three days to the construction company to make changes in its tender application. 
Women prisoners complain about humiliation while they are searched and ask for conjugal visits
Head of Correctional Department, Gogi Gakharia talked with Human Rights Center about those problems, that have been revealed during the monitoring process of N5 correctional facility for women. According to Gogi Gakharia, to eliminate existing problems, several important changes are being planned for N5 correctional facility for women. The issue is related to visits, search and usage of phones and television.

The reasons that caused the flood in June 13
Nino TsotsoriaSeveral hours of rain in Tbilisi, on June 13, flooded river Vere. As a result, the river overflowed from its banks, flooded Heroes Square, and its adjacent areas. Up to 20 people died during the disaster, 3 are still missing. The flood destroyed the zoo. One part of the animals drowned in the water, some of them were liquidated after the escape. Road surface and infrastructure is destroyed.  Total damage is approximately 100 million Lari. 
A Citizen Died after a Drug Test
56-year-old Levan Abzianidze died in Kutaisi on June 17. Two persons took him to the Imereti Regional Division of MIA, from where he was taken to the Narcological Center. He took a drug test, but it did not show that he was under influence of drugs. Few minutes later, on his way from the Narcological Center, he died in the park near his house. 
“Crime Witness”- Zaza Azariashvili
On June 16, Human Rights Center held a screening of documentary “Crime Witness”.  The documentary "Crime Witness" is about oppression and persecution of former convict Zaza Azariashvili by law enforcement. Zaza Azariashvili witnessed torture and ill-treatment of a former political prisoner Vakhtang Maisaia in prison. Now he is serving sentence for thivery in Gldani prison N8. 
Human Rights Center Has Started a New Project for Prisoners
Human Rights Center has started a new project called “Establishing Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Program for Prisoners in Georgia”.
The project, which aims to promote psychosocial rehabilitation of prisoners, will be implemented in #15 correctional facility of Ksani. 
Juvenile on Hunger Strike In Kutaisi Prison
In Kutaisi prison N2, 14-year-old S.T. started hunger-strike for the second time for the last month. The reason is protest against Georgian law enforcement officers, in particular against Samtredia District Police and the Prosecutor’s Office.
Police officer who confronted the City Council member was fired
Representatives of Kutaisi organization of the National Movement held a special briefing few days ago. They protested the fact that the Security Police officer of Kutaisi City Hall Imeda Kirkitadze was dismissed from his work. They called for quick response from relevant authorities. 

Young Pankisians captured by religion
On June 3, a tour for journalists was held in the village Duisi of the Pankisi Gorge by the initiative of Institute for War and Peace Reporting. They had meetings with the locals Governors and locals of Duisi also attended the meeting. The discussion was about the problems that exist in the region. Special attention was paid to the issues of Chechen refugees and young Pankisians who go to Syria to fight. We abstain from using the names of the respondents. 
Health Care Problems of Women Prisoners
Electronic queue of prisoners’ routine operations, medical examinations, post-surgical treatment, providing non-effective medications, nonexistence of pharmacies in correctional facilities – this is a short list of those problems that N5 women correctional facility prisoners talk about. 

Line between Childish Pranks and Bullying
“Dreaded by all the mothers of the town, because he was idle and lawless and vulgar and bad – and because all their children admired him so, and delighted in his forbidden society, and wished they dared to be like him. He came and went, at his own free will. Nobody forbade him to fight. In a word, everything that goes to make life precious that boy had,”- this is how Mark Twain describes one of the characters of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn who was a role model for many children. 
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What are your expectations on separation of the Security Service from MIA?
Early detection and elimination of threats Weakening of MIA and increased threats Intensification of surveillance on citizens Increased political persecution I find it hard to answer this question


Fragile Peace in Balkans
After a long and complicated preparation period, on July 30, we landed in Sarajevo. Despite scary landing caused by bad weather conditions, I
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria


What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?
“Miscarriages of justice“– we use this term to characterize the problems existing in the system of Georgian judiciary during ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili’s governance. 
Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests
Autumn Fly

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