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Discrepancies in the Process of Appointing Judges Without Competition in August 2015
As the public is already well informed Georgian Legislation enshrines the possibility of appointing current judges at lower, higher or the same instance courts during their tenure period without competition. High Council of Justice (HCoJ) is the body having the discretionary power to transfer judges. According to the information received from the HCoJ in 2011 27 judges were appointed without competition throughout Georgia, in 2012-68 judges, in 2013-26 judges. Unfortunately we did not receive information on the number of judges appointed without competition during 2014.
Former Attorney of Mejvriskhevi Village Was Sentenced to 6 Year-Imprisonment
On October 15, at 11:00 am hearing of the case against former attorney of Mejvriskhevi village was scheduled at the Gori district court but Judge Shalva Kakauridze started the process one and half hour later. Former attorney Tariel Gurgenidze was sentenced to 6-year-imprisonment for accepting bribe. 
Will Prison #7 Be Closed?
Public Defender of Georgia published report on the visit in the Penitentiary Establishment # 7 on June 19, 2015 and considering the report results he recommended to close the facility. The report of the monitoring group states about violation of hygiene norms, overcrowding, inadequate medical assistance and many other problems in the Prison # 7.

Human Rights House Tbilisi Requests Investigation into Zviad Peikrishvili’s Case
On October 8, representatives of Human Rights House Tbilisi (HRHT) held press-conference with regard to the case of Zviad Peikrishvili, who was beaten by Kaspi district police officers. Lawyer of HRHT Eka Kobesashvili defends rights of the victim Zviad Peikrishvili. HRHT requests effective investigation into the case.
NDI Survey Results Responded in Gori
In accordance to the NDI survey, 7% of the local respondents positively, 31% -averagely and 19% badly evaluated the work of the Gori City Mayor; 34% of the respondents do not have information about the activities of the mayor.
Public Defender Welcomes Investigation of Crimes Committed during and after August War
On 13 October 2015 the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, addressed the Court’s Judges and requested authorization to initiate an investigation into the alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in relation to the August 2008 armed conflict in Georgia.
Public notice of the ICC prosecutor
Victims of violence committed in the context of the august 2008 armed conflict in georgia have 30 days to make representations to the icc in the hague on the opening of an investigation.

FIDH - International Federation for Human Rights and its member organisation in Georgia Human Rights Center (HRIDC)
Joint Press Release

After a long wait by victims, International Criminal Court may investigate crimes in Georgia.
Paris, Tbilissi, The Hague, 14 October 2015 - FIDH and HRIDC welcome the move by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to request authorisation to open an investigation into the 2008 Georgia – Russia War.
Public Defender Responds to Rustavi 2 TV Story
The Public Defender has responded to the 9 October TV story of “Rustavi 2” news edition “Kurieri” about Akhmed Chatayev being put on the United States’ global list of terrorists.
Statement of Human Rights Center about Biased News Item of Rustavi 2
Human Rights Center responds to the news item released by the TV-Company Rustavi 2 in its main news program of the day Kurieri on October 9 – “USA put Akhmed Chataev on the list of global terrorists, who was released from Georgian prison in 2012.”
Public isolation or language barrier
According to official statistics second largest ethnic group living in Georgia after ethnic Georgians are Azerbaijan people (they make 7% of the population). How do about 400 000 Azerbaijan citizens contribute to Georgian culture life? What is their impact on the development of Georgian literature, music, cinema and television?

Appeal Court Passed Verdict in Favor of Underage G. K.
On October 6, Tbilisi Appeal Court passed verdict in favor of the underage G. K. Micro-financial organization Georgian Capital was plaintiff at the trial. The Georgian Capital had appealed the decision of the City Court which had annulled mortgage of the applicant’s property.
Mejvriskhevi village former governor blames prosecutor’s office in dragging out court processes
“Prosecutor’s Office again proved that they continue working with old methods,” former governor of Mejvriskhevi village said on September 28 when he left 15th trial into his case.   

Statement of NGOs about Arrested and Fined Persons during Peaceful Demonstration “No to Panorama”
On July 19, 2015 Tbilisi City Court announced decision on the case of ten people arrested during the demonstration No to Panorama in front of the Tbilisi City Council. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association defended rights of the detainees at the court.
Giorgi Tskhadiashvili Appealed Resignation from Position
Giorgi Tskhadiashvili, who was resigned from the position of the Khashuri municipal board chairman, appealed to the court and requested restoration to the working place. First trial was held on September 22. Giorgi Tskhadiashvili’s authority was suspended on July 20; 18 municipal board members voted for it. Tskhadiashvili said the board members demonstrated mistrust to him as a result of political oppression.
Court Ruled to Sell Flat of the IDP Professor
Associated professor of the faculty of economics and business at the Tbilisi State University Merab Jikia applied to Human Rights Center for help. According to his statement, Mamuka Loluashvili and his wife, Ana Khetaguri misappropriated his flat fraudulently and mortgaged it several times. As a result of 9-year dispute Merab Jikia managed to gains his flat back and was declared victim. 
Gori City Council to Discuss Question of Setting Up Stalin’s Statue in the City

On October 2, the deputies will discuss issue of setting up Stalin’s statue in the city during the session of the Gori City Council. The session agenda was amended as a result of the September 10 demonstration in Gori. The demonstrators requested to set up the statue of Stalin in the territory of the museum in Gori; otherwise they threatened with large-scaled demonstrations. Representatives of the Society Stalinelebi and Eurasian Choice met the City Mayor to discuss this issue. 
Farmers held protest rally
Farmers held demonstration in front of the district administration in Gurjaani to protest low price of grape. They blocked the central motorway. Population of Gurjaani municipality participated in the demonstration. They requested the wine factories to increase price on grape and pay 1 lari for 1 kilo Rkatsiteli and 2 lari for Saperavi. Otherwise, they will hold permanent demonstrations on Tbilisi-Telavi central motorway.
Inhabitants from Mirtskhulava Street # 9/11 were evicted by compulsory measures
On August 26, inhabitants of the barracks in Mirtskhulava Street # 9/11, Tbilisi were evicted by compulsory measures. Enforcement police officers and their transportation service employees were mobilized on the site. Furniture and belongings of the inhabitants were transported by the vehicles of the National Bureau of Enforcement. Old people bounded to beds were taken out of the building by hand-borrows. Court judgment on compulsory eviction was executed without violence. 
Presentation of the Report “State of Women and Juvenile Prisoners in Georgia”
Human Rights Center presented report State of Women and Juvenile Prisoners in Georgia in the conference hall of the National Library of Georgia.
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Who shall be punished for the crimes committed during the August 2008 armed conflict?
Russian side Georgian side Ossetian side All parties equally I cannot answer


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