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Case of Temirlan Machalikashvili in the parliamentary report of the Public Defender of Georgia
“Unlike the previous report period, the death of Temirlan Machalikashvili in the special operation in Pankisi Gorge in December 2017 still raises issue of effective defense of the right to life,” the Parliamentary Report of the Public Defender of Georgia reads, which reviews the state of human rights in Georgia in 2017.
Why violence victim women refuse to give testimonies to prosecutor’s office
Violence victim women often refuse to give testimonies to the prosecutor’s office or change their initial testimonies in favor of the harassers. Representatives of NGOs and Chief Prosecutor’s Office name different arguments for that.

Years-long accumulated bank loans - problem of the convicted people
The story of one of the convicted women, serving her term in the penitentiary establishment # 5 of the Ministry of Corrections, reminded us of the problem of the convicted people in general, who complain about years-accumulated bank loans and fines. 
Six persons arrested in Gori
In the evening of April 8, an incident between law enforcement officers and citizens in Gori finished with the detention of nine citizens. Three of them were freed under administrative bail; the other six were sentenced to pre-trial detention on April 11; the decision was made by the Judge Levan Darbaidze at the Gori district court.
Ministry of Healthcare to Consider Legislative Proposal of Human Rights Center
Human Rights Center sent proposal on the amendments into the Resolution # 45 of March 1, 2013 (setting and issuing allowance for the reimbursement of health injury received as a result of professional duties in the working place) to the Government of Georgia.
Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia endorses Step Towards a Better Future peace initiative
The Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia welcomes and supports the Georgian Government's peace initiative – Step Towards a Better Future, elaborated with participation of the public, and the corresponding package of legislative amendments as a whole.
Museum of Occupation opened in Gori State University
Photo-documents describing the situation in the region before 2008 Russian-Georgian Armed Conflict, photos from the war and impact of the war, documents about Russian intervention in Shida Kartli region were exhibited in the newly opened Museum of Occupation in the Gori State University. Together with the photos there are banners with the stories of the people on the walls. There are two stands in the museum – one presents cartridges of large caliber air rifles and the second - the items, which were discovered in the houses burnt and ruined during the war. There is a key among them and the rector of the Gori State University Giorgi Sosiashvili recalled the story about the key.
Victims of domestic violence do not trust police
Violence against women is still acceptable for the women and men in Georgia:  Of those surveyed, almost one quarter of women (22 per cent) and one third of men (31 per cent) believe that wife-beating is justified under certain circumstances. Moreover, almost one quarter of all women (23 per cent) and nearly half of all men (42 per cent) believe that a wife should obey her husband even if she disagrees.
Successfully litigated cases by Human Rights Center (November, 2017 – February, 2018)
Strasbourg Court Ordered the State of Georgia to Pay Compensation of 3 000 Euro; With legal aid of HRC G.O was acquitted in the so-called “false denunciation” case; MIA is ordered to pay 5 000 GEL to Zh. G as compensation for moral damage; MIA to Pay 5 000 GEL to M.G as compensation for moral damage; Director of the medical clinic Lancet sentenced to 6-year imprisonment; Socially indigent single mother was freed from 10 000 GEL fine.
Case of Archil Tatunashvili
On March 24, a month after his disappearance in the occupied Tskhinvali region, Archil Tatunashvili was laid to rest in Tbilisi with full military honor. For the past one month Georgian side was requesting estimation of his death causes and timely delivery to the Georgian-controlled territory. 
Dialogue in the neutral territory of Ergneti village – expectations and results
On March 1, the Government of Georgia temporarily suspended participation in the meetings organized in the frame of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM). The reason of their protest was the delayed delivery of Archil Tatunashvili’s body from the occupied side. On March 20, after the body of Archil Tatunashvili was handed to the Georgian side, the deputy director of the analytic department of the State Security Service Kakhaber Kemoklidze announced the meetings in Ergneti will resume.
Former deputy of Gurjaani municipality governor and six public servants were brought to justice
Anti-corruption agency of the State Security Service imposed criminal liability of the former deputy governor of Gurjaani municipality Dimitri Kalatozishvili and six more employees of the administration for the neglect of official duties. The court imposed bail of 5 000 GEL as a preventive measure on each of the accused persons. 
Two citizens of Georgia arrested in Adzvi village
On March 22, representatives of Russian occupation forces arrested two citizens of Georgia in Adzvi village of Gori municipality for crossing the so-called border. The detainees are Ioseb Gundishvili, resident of Adzvi village and Davit Gerkeuli, resident of Akhalubani village. As the residents of Adzvi village said they were arrested nearby the church in their village.
The Parliament passed the law on labor safety
“Davit Dzabiradze, 55, an employee of the repair guild shop at the Zestaponi Ferroalloy Factory, fell off the 40 meters high roof of the fourth guild shop when repairing the ceiling and died on the place,” Trade Union of Metallurgists, Miners and Chemists reported several weeks ago. A few days ago, in Senaki, concrete blocks machine killed a person on the place. According to the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, in 2017, 41 persons died and 66 were gravely injured on the working places.
Several persons were already prosecuted for stalking
Stalking has become punishable under the Criminal Code of Georgia for several months already. The new punishable crime was added to the Code on May 4, 2017 and went in force since May 25. 

More than 5 million GEL left unspent in Dedoplistskaro municipality budget
In 2015-2016, more than 5 million GEL was left unspent in Dedoplistskaro municipality budget, for what the local population could not enjoy the benefit from the allocated funds – the conclusion of the State Audit Office reads.
11 men and 3 women in the gender equality council
On March 9, the Gori municipality assembly discussed creation of the gender equality council and decided to compose 14-member council, among them 11 men and 3 women.
Torture victim woman was compelled to claim low compensation for moral damage
Convicted woman, whose name is anonymous upon her request, was arrested on January 23, 2009 at the checkpoint to Abkhazia in the village of Orsantia, Zugdidi municipality. However, later her detention was recorded by January 24. She is victim of inhuman and degrading treatment. Based on the November 24, 2014 court decision, the convicted woman received victim status. According to the information of Human Rights Center, nowadays, she is the only convicted woman, who received the status of victim of torture and inhuman treatment based on the court judgment into another case.

Protest demonstrations may move from Agara to Tbilisi
About 500 employees sacked from the Agara Sugar Factory, Ltd have started 24-hour-long protest for 12 days already. During the day time, about 600 persons gather nearby the factory and at night 30 persons stay for the night-shift in the tents. 
Two restraining orders against the victim of domestic violence – dangerous precedent
“In the beginning of relationship, harassers may not demonstrate their character. I had known my future husband more than one year before the marriage and he never harassed me. When I married him, I discovered that he had drastically different opinions and character, and everything was revealed eventually. I even told him that he had covered his real nature very well,” the victim of the violence Dea Goshkheteliani said
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Vanished people – “Never forget me”
Grandma disappeared a month ago. 73-years-old grandma joined the list of missing people; she disappeared from her own yard, in her native village.
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