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Lawyer from Zugdidi Blames Victim Side for Suppression
Lawyers of Emzar Rogava, Jeiran Kharebava and Emzar Gvilia, who were accused for robbery, blame employees of the Police Department and Prosecutor’s Office for bias investigation. Londa Shamugia, lawyer for Rogava, cast doubt on investigator Davit Khazalia’s impartiality because he had not interrogated the witnesses of defense side for six month of preliminary investigation. Consequently the investigator could not find any valid proofs in the case except the testimonies of the victims. Bachuki Kurashvili, lawyer for Gvilia and Kharebava complained about the same situation. Kurashvili intends to mediate to the court not to find the expertise conclusion as a valid proof while discussing the case.

Human Rights Centre Submitted the Report to UN
On October 8, 2007 Georgian NGOs submitted the alternative report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Among them was the joint report of Human Rights Center (HRIDC), Public Health and Development Fund of Georgia (PHMDF) and World Organization Againt Torture (OMCT). The representatives of HRIDC and PHMDF attended the pre-session and made the presentation of the reports as well as they respond to the questions of the committee members. The committee got interest in every item of the convention implemented on national level.

Population of the Village of Ortubani Has Not Had Electricity for 16 Years
Population of the village of Ortubanni in the Kareli District demands electricity. Only 21 families live there and most of them are Ossetian. Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office received a letter from the villagers.

“Fifth Colony” In Bar Association
“We call upon our colleagues to respect their professional ethics, professional responsibilities and dignity above all other interests. An attorney should not act in the favor of the Prosecutor General’s Office or Internal Ministry; they should not focus their attention on one particular establishment,” stated Eka Beselia, attorney and chairwoman of the Ethic Commission for Attorneys at the press-conference that was dedicated to the recent facts of unethical activities of the lawyers; Prosecutor’s Office and Government’s illegal interference in lawyers’ activities. 

What Kind of Problems are People Suffering from a Mental llness Facing?
The right of access to information, the right to property and the right to free movement are still violated in the psychiatric hospitals of Georgia. Frequently, patients are being forced to work. Moreover, the living conditions in hospitals never comply with international standards.

Ministry of Economic Developement Sells Private Property in Gori!
The Georgian Ministry of Economic Development and the Shida Kartli Regional Administration have quite different attitudes towards the Gori Agricultural Market. Lado Gegelashvili, the Regional Gubernator, stated that he would investigate the situation regarding the market and find out who is guilty and who is not. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economic Development has announced the sale of the market for the third time. However, a former owner of the market, Jemal Tsiklauri, claimed that the market is his property and former Gubernator, Mikheil Kareli, seized it from him. Consequently, the Administrative Board illegally registered it as state property.

Visit to Asatiani Mental Hospital
It is difficult to breath here. The corridor is long and badly lit. There are no ghosts, but these people move like ghosts. All of them have the same way of walking: they keep their hands on their back, lower their heads and their look is frozen. They observe the stranger from a distance. Those, who are braver, approach the newcomer.

Mentally Disabled Person Imprisoned For Three Years
On October 8th, the Gori District Court sentenced mentally disabled Achiko Surameli to a three-year prison term. His cousin, Zurab Janezashvili, who is also mentally disabled, has been sent to the Foti Psychiatric Hospital for forced treatment.


Owners of the Houses Burnt Down by Warriors of “Mkhedrioni” Still Waiting for Compensation
Residents of the Darcheli, Akhalkakhati, Khurcha and Tsaishi villages in the Zugdidi District, damaged during the 1992-1993 hostilities, are demanding equal compensation for their losses. 113 victimized families are afraid that the state will not reimburse them for damages. Concern centers on the complex and confusing definition of who qualifies for funds as outlined in the state budget. The families have unsuccessfully applied for help to various bodies over the past fourteen years. The village of Darcheli recently announced that it intends to appeal the findings of the Samegrelo-Zemo-Svaneti Regional Prosecutor’s Office.
Price on Salt Increased from 40 Tetri up to One Lari-Peaople Are Afraid of Starvation
The price of flour and bread has noticeably increased, which representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture explain is a result of shortages of wheat on the world market. Prices have also increased on other essential products. Between August and September of 2007, the price of garlic increased by 25, 9 %, on egg-plant by 17, 6%; on corn flour by 7,3% and on  buckwheat by 7, 3%. In late September, the price on the salt increased by 2, 5 %, pushing the price up from forty tetri to one lari.

Disorder in Boarding-School in Zemo Bodbe
Although doctor Lela Macharashvili has a degree in “internal medicine”, she illegally treated residents of the boarding school for orphans for a year. The nurse knew that she should not prescribe medication to children without doctor’s orders; but she did. The director of the orphanage knew about these violations but did not react to it.

MP Kardenakhishvili Might Be Detained
A Member of Parliament, Ioseb Kardenakhvishvili, might be detained. The former governor of the village of Chandari in the Gurjaani District, Gaioz Jafaridze, was detained for abusing his power and has named the MP to be a companion in his illegal activities. The Gorjaani District population blames Kardenakhishvili for having illegally sold a brick factory in the district. One local journalist investigating the activities of the MP has accused Kardenakhishvili of harassing him. The journalist claims Kardenakhishvili ordered known criminals to push him into a car. 

Akhaltsikhe Boarding School – A Look Inside
With a high concrete wall and a large iron gate the building reminds you of a house of a witch in fairy tales. The gate has pointy black edges. However, you will see the difference as soon as you enter the yard. Forty-two children live behind that fence with their individual dreams, happiness and different histories.

„Speak Less… Pay More”
According to the decision of the JSC Georgian United Telecommunication Company subscribers in the Shida Kartli, Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Samtkhe-Javakheti and Guria-Samegrelo regions will only be billed for the minutes spent on the telephone after 1 October 2007.

Psychiatric Illness is a Stigma within the Family
The Human Rights Center decided to interview Davit Zurabishvili, chairman of the Council of Directors of the M. Asatiani Scientific Research Clinic of Psychiatry. The Human Rights Center decided to do so after the organization received several complaints regarding the bad situation at the clinic. It was claimed that patients were not treated properly at the hospital.  
Mentally Disabled Person Was Left Homeless
An elite residential house under construction on Queen Tamar Street in Kutaisi might become a reason for controversy in the near future. The house is being constructed by “Spektri 7”, a subordinate company of “Center-Point”. The home of mentally disabled Davit Telia was destroyed in order to start a construction of the new building. As a result, a socially excluded, lonely person has been homeless for more than a month and is seeking help.

Brucellosis Is Reigning in Lagodekhi District
Brucellosis is reigning in nearly ten villages in Lagodekhi District. 26 people are ill with serious infections. However, specialists claim that there is no reason for panic and they exclude the possibility of epidemics. The population urges for help.
Future of Kobuleti “Wandering” Rubbish Dump Is Still Obscure
If you ask Kobuleti dweller where the rubbish dump is s/he will tell you at least two addresses. In this town the dump changes its place once a year, but sometimes even once in a month.

New Gubernator Intends to Seize Properties by New Methods
Despite personnel changes in Shida Kartli Regional Administration it is still difficult to receive public information from officials. The situation is further complicated by the fact that whole documentation on the district administration was taken to the law enforcement bodies. Although journalists say that it is not problem for them to enter the administrative building now, it has no sense to visit the administration. Nobody will issue any official document to journalists there.

In Zugdidi Mother Locked Mentally Disabled Daughter in Dark Room
Mother locked Ketevan Kurua in dark room three years ago and put wooden holt on the door. She wanted to protect her ill daughter in this way. Thirty-two-year-old woman is fighting the serious disease for seven years in vain. She has paranoiac schizophrenia. Mother, Tsiala Kvatania does not want to place her daughter in mental hospital. She is afraid that the young woman will be killed with injection at hospital.
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