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Georgian Citizen Appeals Against US Government
Argument between sixty-nine-year-old Omar Bachiashvili, a resident of Akhmeta, and the US Government has lasted for eight years already. Bachaishvili demanded 9 000 USD from the US Government because he claimed it was the pension of his late father. Although he received a part of the sum, he is now demanded to return part of the amount back. The Georgian citizen is about to go on with the argument in the USA.
Bloodshed between Two Clans of Caucasian Avars in Kakheti
Fourteen people were injured during an incident between Caucasian Avars in Kvareli. Several women are among them. Two men with grave health conditions were placed in the Gurjaani District Hospital. The population blames the family of MP Marika Verulashvili for protecting Shamil Gazimagamedov leader of armed formation. People threaten with vengeance and bloody demand unless criminals are punished severely.
Patrol Police Harasses Press Distributors in Kakheti
After newspaper booths were dismantled in Kkaheti by local authority, patrol police started to harass press distributors in the region. Law enforcers have already warned distributors not to sell out newspapers from the stands placed in the streets. If they do not obey they will be fined. Besides that if any of them dares to resist the police, they will be detained under the law on disobedience.
Whose Plot Is Georgian Army Located on?
Under the governmental initiative, Gori is gradually turning into a military city. Initially they moved military hospital in the centre of the city and now they are building forts for soldiers. The President said the forts will be the best in Europe.
Mother of Murdered Son Is Harassed by Relatives of Murderer
Mother of the twenty-three-year-old Reziko Kakhiani, who was murdered in the Baghdadi District in 2002, has been permanently harassed and persecuted since the accident. The woman is suppressed because she has been demanding appropriate punishment for the murderer, Davit Mikaberidze (with the nickname, “Dzrokha”, cow).
Public Reaction on “Sorry” Campaign
The name of the Campaign, initiated by the non-governmental organization Human Rights Centre, sounds very simple and peaceful-“Sorry”. It is not time to claim that only people of dignity can bid an apology; that apology is a generous behavior, etc.
Atskuri Population Urges the Government for Help
General occupation for the population of the village of Atskuri in the Akhaltsikhe district is breeding cattle. At present the villagers are panicked-several occasions of the rabies were observed in cattle. Local people cannot make rabies injection because they cannot afford it.
President Is Expected To Reply to Insulted National Minorities
Organization “Multinational Georgia” has petitioned to the Georgian Pesident and the Chairwoman of the Parliament and demands them to respond on insulting statements made by their co-thinker. It was MP Beso Jugheli who made statements on TV and non-Georgian population considered he was kindling national outrage.
Accused for Stealing a Bed Urges to be Judged Soon
Everybody knows the family of Kuraspedianis in the village of Banoja in the Tskaltubo District. Today, everybody praises them for their honesty and is very sorry for their poor life. On February 12 the IDP family accidentally got into a trouble. Group of ten policemen visited the family and searched the house without any explanation. Finally their visit finished with the detention of the housewife of the family.
Gori Population Is Not Supplied with Gas
In Gori tax on gas has reached 51, 3 tetri. In parallel to the increased price, gas supply was cut off for subscribers in the town. Representatives of the GoriGazi said that the reason for the problem is unpaid bills and increased tax. Tengiz Aleksidze, deputy director of the GoriGazi, said that the debt of the subscribers amounted to 800 000 lari.
Georgia Occupied 121st Place in the World Rating on Free Press
On the previous day of may 3, the World Day of the Freedom of Press, famous human rights organization “Freedom House” published its traditional report on the freedom of the press throughout the world, “Freedom of the Press 2007: Global Survey of the Independence of the Media”.
Press Is Attacked in Kakheti
“I cannot understand why media is mostly developed in Kakheti,” asked Georgian president a short time ago. This question was followed with various estimations. Experts say that Saakashvili is surprised how regional journalists manage to work despite serious suppression and financial problems.
Member of Parliament Brought Suit against Journalist
MP Beso Jugheli brought suit against Eka Kvesitadze, the journalist. The controversy between the journalist and MP originated from the article in the newspaper “24 Saati”. The article, “Jughelizm”, was published by Kvesitadze in the newspaper. The journalist criticized Jugheli’s statements he made on Radio Utsnobi and TV Imedi regarding the national minorities.
Microbes in Drinking Water
Adigeni district population drinks polluted water that is full of microbes. The assumptive level of drinking water is identified with the number of 10. While in Adigeni is has reached 460 that is 46 times as much as the norm.
Director of the Tourist Center Is Blackmailed
Mikheil Tsertsvadze, director of the “Tontio”, Gori regional office of the Youth Tourist Centre, makes statements about the suppression he endures from the representatives of the local government. Tsertsvadze said that lawyer and other officials from the Gori Municipality get in touch with him and demand to leave the building of the Tontio; otherwise they threaten him with detention.
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How has appointment of Giorgi Kvirikashvili on the position of prime-minister influenced state of human rights in the country?
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