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In First Person or Gothenburg Is a Small Town
Our visit in Sweden did not have any literature goal. Just the opposite, it was next business visit of Human Right Center’s representatives to the country - seminar was to be held on human rights and international cooperation. We were also to plan joint projects with Swedish organization.
Soldier Disappeared Because of Collected Money
Ten days have passed since the soldier disappeared. It is obscure whether the soldier was sacrificed to the collected money. Everybody keeps silence; however the local TV Company spreads information about the disappearance of Daniel Aghlemashvili every day.
Nora Kvitsiani’s Trail Has Been Postponed Again
Court hearing on Nora Kvitsiani has been postponed for the second time. She was accused for having established illegal armed formation, for illegal storage of weapon and for appropriating the state property-75 000GEL. Her case is discussed by Davit Kekenadze, judge for the Gali-Gulrifshi District Court.
Gori Municipality Members Are Illegally Appointed to Various Positions
A great fuss is starting in the Gori Municipality. In a few days, Republic Party will introduce the Municipality Chairman with the black list of those municipality deputies who have illegally occupied various positions.
Protest Demonstrations Replaced Performances
Employees of the Kutaisi Opera and Ballet Theatre have opposed the local government. The reason is 50 000 GEL apportioned to the theatre from the state budget. Present budget for the theatre is the fourth part of the last year one. That money is enough to pay only three-month-salary of the employees.
Women from Gurjaani Administrative Board Were Demanded to Collect Money
Recently, because of Women’s Day, ladies working at the Gurjaani Municipality have been presented with some money. They received 20, 30 or 50 lari as a present during previous years. As for this year, they received gifts according to their salaries-that was half of their monthly salary; however, the women returned 20 lari back to the Administration under the demand of the Head of the Financial-Economic Service Department.
A New Accusation against Sulkhan Molashvili
Under the Georgian Criminal Code, Article 378, Section I, former chairman of the Chamber of Control, Sulkhan Molashvili, was accused for a new crime. According to Bacho Akhalaia, the chairman of the Penitentiary Department, the reason for new accusation was Sulkhan Molashvili’s having assaulted Jurkha Filauri, a doctor for jail hospital. However, Molashvili claims he has not assaulted the doctor. The reason for provocation is that despite Akhalia’s demands and threats, prisoner has not withdrawn appeals form the Strasburg Court.
They do not know, that they have rights
Akhlakalaki is 60 kilometers away from Akhaltsikhe. The road seems to be half-repaired, however they promise to renew road reconstruction works soon. People live with hope here. The Abuli Mountain is covered with snow. Local people have already got used to poor life and severe climate.
Can Tuberculosis Be Cured?
The main character of the article, Giorgi who was ill with the disease, was dead while the article was being prepared. He died two days ago. His brother is badly ill too.
He Is Not Guilty, Though He Is Guilty
Last summer, famous events took place in the Kodori Gorge and the officials called it a “Wiping Out of the Gorge from Criminals”. The operation resulted into a detention of the gorge residents. Most of them were accused for having taken part in the illegal usage of weapons and participation in illegal formation.
IDPs Are Being Evicted From the Hotel ‘Kutaisi’
“I am seventy-five-year-old man. I might be an odd person on the earth and I might have already bored people. The way how they treat me and my wife makes me think so. My wife has a cancer and has much to worry about,” said Shota Milorava who resides in the hotel Kutaisi.
Deceived Workers Demand Justice (The End)
On February 9 2006, the City Court concluded that those 135 people, who were mentioned in previous two parts, really worked for “Viraji”. The Appeal Court claims the opposite. The victims cannot understand which of the court instances is mistaken and which they should trust.
Will Disputable Child Be Sold In Turkey?
Forty-five-year-old Nana, who is a disabled person of the first group, applied to the Prosecutor’s office to assist her to return her three-year-old child. Law enforcers launched a case on illegal adoption of a child; however, there is a doubt that the mother, who lives together with a Turkish man, wants to sell her child.
Campaign “Sorry”/ “Hatamzait”
We, representatives of the Georgian Society, consider it is necessary to make this appeal and launch a campaign to bring back the trust between Georgian and Abkhazian people to life.
Old People Are Hungry in the Canteens That Were Opened with Funfair
They think that if they put a mixture of half-row potatoes and macaroni in half-boiled water, it is soup. If you behave badly, you will not get even that soup. Before elections free canteens were opened in various districts of Georgia by Nationals. The old people have started to speak up about problems in the canteens after the food has become worse.
Students Hold Demonstration In Front Of The UN Office In Zugdidi
Yesterday, students and non-governmental organization “New Generation for United Georgia” held a demonstration in front of the UN Office in Zugdidi. The students urged the UN officials to take part in the release of three students, who were detained near the village of Shamgona. Those students are Levan Ghachava, Iveria Korshia and Koba Rigvava. The Abkhazian de-facto Republic’s Special Forces detained them when they crossed the Enguri River to meet their Georgian friends in the village of Shamgona.
Deceived Workers Demand Justice (part II)
Workers say that the company offered them to pay half of their one-year-wages. The victims did not accept the offer.
A Story of a Village with One Family
“Next door neighbor, you are a glimmer of my hope,” Marine Beridze knows the proverb very well; however she has never experienced similar relationships in her life for one simple reason, she does not have a neighbor.
A Show of Independence
Since public schools became legal entities, they have been granted with total independence. The school administrations together with supervision councils should identify the school strategy; they are also in charge of fund expenditure that is allocated from the state budget.
IDPs from Abkhazia Are Offered Accommodations in Tuberculosis Hospital
Local authority in Kakheti is going to evict IDPs residing in the area of the resort house of Akhtala. Twenty nine families live in the area and the reason for their eviction is the construction of new district hospital in its place. The local authority offers the IDPs to move to the building of the hospital. In several days tuberculosis center should be placed in one part of that hospital.
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