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Former Law Enforcers is Detained for Drug Addiction
On November 4, Malkhaz Zhuzhunadze, the chairman of Akhaltsikhe Election District # 37 was detained in his own house based on the investigative information of the Akhaltsikhe District Police Department. He was accused of illegal possession of drugs. Nugzar Samarjishvili, the attorney of the detainee, stated that his client will not plead guilty and claims that the drug substance did not belong to him and he had never dealt with narcotics in his life.

Expectation for Orion-Disabled Children Need Attention
Tsereteli Street 2, in Zestafoni-it is a present address of the day-center for disabled children. You will never imagine what these children can do in these two rooms; it is almost incredible. As soon as you enter the room, the disability of those little people disappears and they consider themselves plenipotentiary members of the society. They are not treated here like disabled people.

Weeping Journalists
Law enforcement began operations against journalists on the morning of November 7th. Journalists covering ongoing events in front of the Georgian Parliament had their cameras seized. David Usupashvili, one of the leaders of Republican Party, points out that many reports were made by foreign journalists who, upon seeing the treatment of  Georgian journalists, left the area in order to save their taken materials.

The Human Rights Center interviewed journalists who were injured during the chaos of November 7. Gas poisoning is not considered an injury because it affected both the journalists and ordinary people in a similar fashion.

Independent Batumi TV Channel 25 Shut Down
With the shut down of the independent Batumi’s TV-25, the station’s employees have not worked in several days. “Law enforcement has forbidden us from broadcasting news items without legal documentation,” stated Channel 25’s founder, Merab Merkviladze.

On November 7th at 1:00 AM, criminal police officers and riot police entered the independent TV station. The operation was executed on the orders of Davit Bedia, head of the Adjara Main Department within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since that raid, TV-25 has been closed.

Journalist from Zugdidi Injured in Car-crash Demands Patrol Police Investigators Be Punished
Nana Firtskhalava claims law enforcement has covered up a crime.

Journalist Nana Firtskhalava, the victim of a car crash, categorically demands a criminal case be launched against Demna Sordia, former head of the Patrol Police Investigation Department, and Arkadi Jikia, an investigator. Firtskhalava submitted a special appeal to Regional Prosecutor Ronald Akhalaia in vain. Firtskhalava blames Davit Kekenadze, Judge of the Zugdidi District Court, and his assistant, Nana Antia, Nino Meskhi, the head of the Correspondence Department within the State Chancellery.
Strange Adventures of Four Journalists on Their Way to Batumi
They cannot state the exact reasons for the incident, but one thing is obvious - the patrol police stopped their mini bus, by which they were going to Batumi to attend a seminar, for no reason. The police arrested the driver and moved the mini bus to the car impound lot. As for the journalists, they barely arrived at their destination three hours later, after the chairman of the Constitutional Court got involved in the case. 
Starvation has Defeated Fear of Death in the “Town of Miners”
 If you were to visit the “Town of Miners” settlement, you might think that bombing occurred only a few days ago. It is four kilometers away from the village of Skhvilisi, situated on the right side of the central motorway to Vale.. 

Bank Seizes Pension from Disabled Pensioner Instead of Loan
72-year-old Shota Gorgadze applied to the Human Rights Center’s Adjara Bureau. He needed legal assistance while appealing against the decision made by Batumi Civil Court on October 16, 2007.
The Two-Week Information Vacuum Has Begun!
Government representatives have not hesitated in making statements “warning” print media about their behavior, even as both TV and radio broadcasting, the main forums for disseminating information in Georgia, has been severely restricted. Levan Bezhuashvili, chairman of Parliament’s Legal Affairs committee, when speaking to journalists stated, “although there are many allegations against the print media, I hope that every editor and journalist will maintain a civil position and recognize that the country really needs stability and objective reporting of current events.”

Gamsakhurdia and Natelashvili Disappeared
Several opposition leaders disappeared since the November 7 demonstrations. Nobody knows the location of Koko Gamssakhurdia and Shalva Natelashvili. Davit Usufashvili, leader of the Republic Party, stated that everybody was poisoned after dispersal. Members of his party feel better and are discussing the future plans of their activities. As for the members of other parties, their situation is much vaguer.
“I Can’t Believe That There Were no Casualties”
Hospitals are now overcrowded after the mass tear gas poisoning yesterday. The Human Rights Center tried to visit injured people in the hospital, but was not allowed entry to Republic hospital to interview patients. The reason given was one without precedent: There was not enough room given the number of people being treated there.
Clubs and Tear Gas used against Students in Batumi
Students at Batumi State University were in their class rooms when tear gas was released into class rooms during lectures. Injured students were taken from the university building by emergency medical personnel.
Seventeen Years Later Rustaveli Avenue Is In Gas Smoke Again
In the morning of November 7 at 8:00 AM the people participating in the hunger strike were dispersed and several hours later, at approximately 1:00 PM the number of people in front of parliament, who were injured and dispersed, increased. Initially the policemen tried to disperse the demonstration by using clubs. Several minutes later, the Special Forces Unit used water cannon, tear gas, clubs and rubber bullets against the population. A part of the demonstrators took shelter in the Kashveti Church, situated on the Rustaveli Avenue; however the Special Forces chased the running people there too. The injured people were taken to hospitals by ambulances. At the moment the total number of injured people is unknown.

Relatives of the Dead Person Demand to Punish Patrol Policemen
Discussion of a famous case has resumed at the Kutaisi Court of Appeal. Family members of Varlam Pkhakadze, who was murdered in front of his house last year, have instructed attorney Rezo Tofuria to appeal to the verdict against patrol policemen Ivane Kapatadze, Dato Minashvili, Avalo Gabrichidze and Kakha Gabunia. Tofuria is demanding that the court to sentence the condemned to the maximum penalty. The policemen have also launched their own appeal, hoping to lessen their penalties.

“We Are Not Afraid. We Are Tired”
Current events in Georgia have brought people out on the streets in protest. For four days, people from all over Georgia have arrived in Tbilisi to express their feelings in front of Parliament. There are Georgians who couldn’t come to the capital for different reasons, but they share the demonstrators’ feelings and state unanimously that, “they are not afraid, but they are very tired,” of the Georgian government’s behavior.
Meskheti Region Joins General Protest
On November 1st, members of the National Council arrived in the regions of Georgia to organize the General Public Movement. MP Bezhan Gunava and Lasha Chkhartishvili, a representative of the Egalitarian Institute, visited the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region.
Most Part of Celebrated People Support Demonstrators
“Fountains and raping people-these are characterizing features of present government.”
What do Georgian celebrities think about the events happening in Tbilisi in front of the Parliament building? What do they expect from it?-these questions were asked to several outstanding figures of Georgian society by the Human Rights Center.
Whose PR Made Gori Municipality Press Service Center Tired
Gori Municipality spokeswoman and other employees of the Press Service Center left their job. Former spokeswoman Sofiko Rezrichenko stated that it was difficult to PR the government.
Welded Octahedral Concrete Nails against Demonstrators
Special Forces of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs were throwing octahedral concrete nails for the demonstrators who were traveling to Tbilisi from Samegrelo Region.

Samegrelo population started preparation to attend the demonstration on November 2 in Tbilisi a day before.
Batumi-Tbilisi Tunnel Is Passed Through
An artificially blocked road, police barricades, seized car registration papers and mini-buses - everything reminds people of Aslan Abashidze’s regime (former chairman of the Adjara Supreme Council). “Everything was in the same way four years ago too … let us see how it will end,” grandfather Vazha recalled the events that occurred four years ago. He is sorry he believed revolutionists and is worried he cannot join people in Tbilisi. However, he is glad that his son escaped policemen and did not lose his car registration papers.

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