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Bail of Five Thousand Lari and Six-Year-Imprisonment for Taking Scattered Fire-Wood from the Forest
Robert Zavrashvili was accused and arrested for thievery because he took scattered fire-wood from the forest. Thejudge released him under bail. But since Zavrashvili did not have five thousand lari to pay, his property was sequestered. Currently, Kakheti Precinct Prosecutor’s Office demands six-year-imprisonment for him. Judge Lia Otarashvili is in charge of the criminal case.

Who Wants Irakli Okruashvili’s Holiday House?
“Tseroskhevi” Was Seized from “Hawk”

The Georgian Ministry of Economics and the local government of Shida Kartli cannot share former Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili’s home, located in “Tseroskhevi” in the village of Ateni and named “Hunter’s House”. The local government opposes the Ministry of Economics because of their actions regarding the property. The Gori Municipality Board has requested Tseroskhevi Ltd be assigned while the Ministry is demanding that the estate be left alone as they intend to sell it.

Demonstrators Bound for Tbilisi Detained
Law enforcement did their best to prevent people from Samegrelo traveling to Tbilisi to attend the January 13 protest. Opposition party representatives were arrested to prevent their attendance as well. Nearly ten people were detained for drug analysis or a lack of driving or technical licenses. Cars were taken to the impound lot and nearly 150 activists were forced out of their cars and into nearby forests.
Public Defender Demands Punishment of the Chairmen of the Precinct Election Commissions
Georgian public defender Sozar Subari, demands a reaction on the offenses committed at Kardenakhi polling station # 33 of Gurjaani precinct # 12. He thinks that the Gurjaani Precinct Election Commission (PEC) counted the votes of the Snap Presidential Elections on January 5 2008 wrongly and this constitutes a crime.
The Human Rights Center Congratulates with the New Year
On January 11, the Human Rights Center congratulated Abkhaz people with the New Year. Celebrities supported the event of the Center and prepared greeting cards and presents, which will soon be sent to Abkhazia.

Prisoners Were Not Allowed to Vote
Presidential Elections were carried out with serious violations at the Kutaisi Detention Establishment # 2 as it was reported by the representatives of the “New Rights” Kutaisi office.
During Elections Observers Could not Name Their Organizations
Snap Presidential Elections caused many problems and one of them was unprepared NGOs and opposition parties. NGOs always suffered from the lack of human resources in regions and it reflected on the elections too.
On November 7 American Journalist Was Beaten
Independent journalist, Jeffrey Silverman has lived in Georgia since 1991. He has Georgian wife and has been working as a journalist in Georgia for many years already. On November 7 he was severely beaten. Neither journalist’s ID helped him to survive. He visited the Human Rights Center to tell his story. 
Government Intended to Throw Ballot Papers in the Garbage
NGOs caught Central Election Commission on the crime.

On January 10 at 1:00 PM the NGO Coalition for Democracy held demonstration in front of the CEC. The NGOs demanded to launch criminal prosecution against Levan Tarkhnishvili, the chairperson of the CEC.

Violations Discovered by “the Coalition for Democracy” but Overlooked by International Observers
Final results of the January 5 Presidential Elections have not been published yet however the situation has become extremely tense in the country. On January 6, International organizations congratulated Georgian people with the democratically held elections. Several Georgian NGOs also joined the congratulations.
Population of Samegrelo Region “Rocked the Cradle” for Mikheil Saakashvili Again
Mikheil Saakashvili’s famous phrase is “The cradle of Rose Revolution was rocked in Samgrelo.” Now the phrase attained new meaning. Local people has rocked the cradle for him once more and as oppositionists claim, Gorozias, Kobalias, Akhalias, Koduas and Gunavas demonstrated their power to Saakashvili again.
Who Should We Trust?
Assessments of the presidential elections started before the final results have been published. Governmental layers, part of non-governmental organizations and observing missions were making statements on TV that the elections were fair and transparent. In the recent days, Georgian TV stations have broadcasted positive assessments of the elections and nobody speaks about the numerous violations that were observed during the polling process. Those facts were revealed in the conclusions made by the OSCE, the National Democratic Institute and many other organizations.
Judge Insulted OSCE Observers
OSCE observers were insulted at the Gurjaani District Court. Paul Wesson and Norbert Baldia, long-term observers from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), tried to meet Shalva Mchedlishvili, the chairperson of the court. The judge expelled them from his quarters.

January 5 Presidential Elections from One Polling Station in Tbilisi
On January 5 and afterwards, the fair presidential elections are widely discussed in Georgia. There were over 3 000 polling stations in the country. A day at one of the polling stations:

Violations in Gori
Like many districts throughout Georgia, various violations were observed in the Gori district as well. It must be pointed out that most violations were observed in the village polling stations, while a better situation could be found in the town polling stations. Both members of the opposition and authorities admitted that a large number of observers influenced the situation in the polling stations of the cities.

Election Violations (Part II)
January 5, 2008

Data received by the Coalition For Democracy observation headquarters.

According to Nino Shavdatuashvili, the observer coordinator of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, there were violations regarding marking process at polling station #48 (Village Karaleti) of the Gori District Election Commission. Observers made official complaints in the record book, resulting in a temporary suspension of the polling process.

Policemen Physically Assaulted the Observers
In Kakheti, policemen physically assaulted observers from NGOs and political parties from the opposition. The incident occurred in the evening of January 8 in Gurjaani. Observers from the Human Rights Center and Fair Elections demanded the Precinct Election Commission (PEC) to declare the results of several Polling Stations (PS) invalid. In reply to their demand the police officers from the Gurjaani Department of the Internal Ministry beat them.

Flawed Presidential Election in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
What was going on in Adigeni and Akhaltsikhe polling stations from 7:00 AM on January 5? How was the process going? Observers did not realize their role and violations went undetected. The final conclusion: “Wow! The election has succeeded!”

Report of the Mission of Observers of the International Expert Centre for Electoral Systems in the Presidential Elections in Georgia, 6th January 2008
A mission from the International Expert Centre for Electoral Systems (ICES) which includes 51 international observers from Israel, Great Britain and the USA, should like to present a report on the preparations and procedures of the Presidential Elections in Georgia, which took place on the 5th of January.

Fraudulent Elections Held in the Kakheti Region
“Either Number 5 or Prison! Do Not Dare Deceive us!”
Snap Presidential elections in the Kakheti region on January 5th, 2008, saw numerous, blatant violations. Voters were terrorized, the Election Code was disregarded in  polling stations, independent observers were prevented from carrying out their activities and one person even pushed dozens of ballots into the ballot box. Despite the serious nature of these complaints from NGOs and the Central Election Commission, many foreign observers and the Georgian government have assessed the elections as fair.



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