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Address of Human Rights Center about Breached Rights of Property Owner
Human Rights Center is concerned about violated interests of the property owner, who is supposed to lose property because of the crime committed by another person to execute the requirements of the mortgage agreement at the expense of his property.
Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary Responds to the Tbilisi Appellate Court Judicial Appointments by the High Council of Justice
The Coalition negatively assesses the High Council of Justice’s decision from November 16, 2015 toappoint seven judges to Tbilisi Appellate Court based on a non-competitive process.We believe that this process is not only unhelpful for promoting public trust in the judiciary, but also raises questions regarding the objectives and motivation of the HCOJ and overall success of the ongoing reforms in the judicial system.
Public Defender’s Statement on Appointment/Promotion of Judges without Competition
The Public Defender of Georgia considers that the appointment/promotion of judges has an essential importance for a state oriented to democratic order, rule of law and human rights. Selection of the kind of personnel that fully meet the high status of the judge is a primary guarantee of independent and impartial judiciary. The main axis of impeded function of judiciary is a judge and therefore, it is necessary the state to ensure effective selection of the personnel. The Organic Law on Common Courts clearly defines the legal requirements that must be met by successful candidates. These requirements are: honesty and competence.
Address of Human Rights Center about Miscarriages in the Medical Service in the Penitentiary System
Human Rights Center appeals to the Minister of Corrections and Legal Aid, to the Healthcare Department of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Aid to eradicate miscarriages in the provision of medical service to those prisoners, whose health was damaged as a result of torture and inhuman treatment or improper conditions in the penitentiary establishments in 2006-2012. 
The Prosecutor’s Office must investigate Giorgi Mdinaradze’s case quickly and effectively
We, the signatory organizations, are responding to the information distributed by the media on November 8, according to which, Giorgi Mdinaradze, the lawyer with legal aid service had suffered physical injuries at the hands of the policemen. As a result, the physical injuries are observable and they were shown in the reportage by the media. The Public Defender’s office also published a detailed report on injuries; the representatives of the office visited the injured party in person.
Statement of the Article 42 of the Constitution and Human Rights Center on the Developments about the TV-Company Rustavi 2
Based on the November 5, 2015 decision of the Tbilisi City Court to appoint temporary managers in the TV-Company and considering the declared position of the management team of the TV-Company Rustavi 2, we observe the following reality...
Public Defender’s Statement on Appointment of Temporary Management in Rustavi 2
Yesterday, on November 5, 2015, Tbilisi City Court judge Tamaz Urtmelidze made a decision on appointment of temporary management in the Rustavi 2 TV company. In the morning of November 6 respective changes were reflected in the Public Registry. According to the decision, it is aimed at ensuring the enforcement of the same judge’s decision of 3 November. It is noteworthy that the operative part of the decision was announced on November 3, while the court has 14 days to prepare a reasoned decision.
Who shall be punished for the crimes committed during the August 2008 armed conflict?
Russian side Georgian side Ossetian side All parties equally I cannot answer


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