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Adam Micknik Expects Imedi Will Resume Broadcasting In a Week

Adam Micknik, a famous polish journalist, editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Wyborcza” and former dissident declares that he expects the resuming of Imedi’s broadcasting within a week.

With the initiative of the EU, the US Government and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Adam Michnik arrived in Georgia last week for resolving the problems concerning the shutting down of Imedi broadcasting.

Michnik held closed meetings with the representatives of the Georgian media, opposition and government. On December 1st he called press-conference. As Michnik stated he had very difficult and complex talks with the representatives of Georgian government and he is not sure about the results of these negotiations.
According to the Polish observer the representatives of the government have some claims towards TV Imedi but they made promising statements that Imedi soon would start broadcasting. Despite this Imedi is still shut down.
At the press-conference Michnik mentioned that even technical personnel were not allowed to enter the Imedi building.

If Imedi does not start broadcasting I will have to state on all media sources throughout the world that the democracy in Georgia is at a risk because the government is not willing to arrange pluralistic environment during pre election campaign. I would like to stress that the abovementioned negotiations were manipulations and false; I was invited because the government wanted to have a alibi of democracy,” said Michnik.

He stated that if Georgian journalists and government agree he is ready to create a so-called “Group of Five People” which during the pre election campaign will discuss the issues concerning the violation of journalistic ethics and professional norms once a week. Micknik said that he would choose these five people without the interference of government and other political groups. As Micknik stated he has already talked with certain people on the membership in this group and he will nominate them when Imedi broadcasts its first program.

Source: Media.ge


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