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Parliament Refused to Postpone Discussion of Draft-Law on Assembly and Manifestation

Parliamentary fraction of Christian-Democrats requested to postpone the discussion of the draft-law on manifestation because of some faults were found in procedural norms. Levan Vepkhvadze from the Christian-Democrats stated at the special session that the draft-law is being discussed in a harry though the bureau has not decided it yet.

Members of majority replied to Vepkhvadze that the discussion is not done in a hurry and all procedural norms are followed.

Afterwards, Levan Vepkhvadze mentioned the session of the legal committee which discussed the draft law at the third hearing. He also read the rule of calling the committee session to reinforce his argument.

More precisely, the MPs shall be informed about the session two days before and the information shall be published on the website two days before the session is fixed. “This procedural norm was not followed,” said Levan Vepkhvadze.

Giorgi Akhvlediani from Christian-Democrats mentioned a new chapter in the draft-law as a reason for postponing the discussion. The new chapter allows a person to appeal against the administrative charge.

Akhvlediani said they wish to discuss the issue thoroughly with the NGOs, to hear their remarks and only after that it will be possible to adopt it.

Akhvlediani added that one person makes decisions in the country and it would be better if the parliament will wait for him; on Monday the president will speak in the parliament and only after that the draft-law can be discussed at the third hearing.

After the arguments of the opposition and parliamentary majority Davit Bakradze, the chairman, decided to ballot on the postponing the discussion or not.

Only the MPs from opposition parties voted for postponing the draft-law. Consequently, based on the decision of majority the draft-law on assembly and manifestation will be discussed today at the special session

Source: Interpressnews  

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