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Association of Regional Media Protests Oppression of Media Outlests

The Association of Regional Media of Georgia protests oppression on media outlets and journalists working in the regions.

“Intimidation of Zugdidi based journalists – Nana Pazhava and Ilia Chachibaia is stark example of conditions for the professional activities of journalists. The corresponding agencies did not pay attention to the damage common website of Kakheti based newspapers “Spektri” and “Kakheti Voice”. Unfortunately, independent news outlets are still reduced, which is often caused by financial or political reasons. For example, problems of Kakheti based TV-Station “Tanamgzavri” in Telavi, which ceased news programs. It is extremely difficult for journalists to get information, especially- in regions, where public officials refuse to make comments to the journalists or release public information. However, informing press service center is privilege of only acceptable media sources. The employees of public services are forbidden to subscribe undesirable newspapers; entrepreneurs are not allowed to order advertisement to independent media sources; local authority spreads groundless accusations and slander with the support of media sources which are controlled by the government; it increases the distrust among the society. Besides that, almost every fact of intimidating journalists, interfering in their professional activities has not been investigated yet. This situation makes journalistic activities impossible in Georgia; puts an end to the development of media as a business”, it is said in the statement of association.

The Association of Regional Media of Georgia calls upon the society, local and international human rights organizations to support independent media in their struggle for existence.

Kakheti News Centre
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