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Police Informed Relatives about Location of a Detainee Three Days Later

Data Kadeishvili, the coordinator of the office of Movement for Just Georgia in the village of Shroma in Ozurgeti District was detained on Christmas Eve in his house. His relatives and family members did not have any information about his location within the three days after the detention.

According to unproved information, police discovered 4 cartridge of the fire-gun “Geko” in his house. Consequently, he is accused in keeping the ammunition. They sentenced him to two months f pretrial detention.

According to the regional office of the movement for Just Georgia, the police are looking for the elder son of Kadeishvili, who is accused in robbery; his second son is accused in robbery, which occurred in the village of Shroma on January 7, 2010.

“We doubt that these accusations are not true, because the younger son was in hospital during the robbery”, said Lela Natsvaladze, the head of Ozurgeti District Organization of the movement for Just Georgia.

The political party considers that Data Kadeishvili is a hostage because of his sons and his political views.
“It must be noted that law enforcement officers called betrayer to Data Kadeishvili because of his political activities during detention. We got the information that his wife Potola Kadeishvili was interrogated three times. They did not have right to do that, because the woman is mentally disabled. They were interrogating her all day long and then she received serious trauma”, said representatives of the Ozurgeti District office of the movement for Just Georgia.

The representative of Young Lawyers Association in Ozurgeti District will defend Kadeishviili.

Shorena Ghlonti, Ozurgeti

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