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The Special Statement of TV Company “Maestro”

TV Company Maestro and Mamuka Ghlonti spread special statement on January 28 about the frequent oppression on journalists of Maestro.

“We appeal to diplomatic corps and human rights organizations of Georgia: The law enforcement officers continue to interfere in professional activities of the journalists of Maestro-TV. They do not stop physical and moral oppression on our journalists. Today, in the evening they physically assaulted Giorgi Bazali, cameraman of Maestro when he covered protest rally of IDPs in Chavchavadze Avenue; he was taken to the hospital. We have video-recording to prove this statement. Besides that, law enforcement officers went to hospital and tried to interrogate the cameraman without lawyer since he did not know his rights.

Nini Sakvarelidze, journalist of TV Company Maestro, who was recording the building of Special Operative Department of MIA together with the cameraman, was intimidated by the SOD officers. Nini Sakvarelidze and the cameraman were compelled to enter the booth of security guard in the yard of the SOD building, where they were forced to delete the video materials, finally the journalists were released.

Two days ago, on January 26, our journalist Teona Laliashvili incidentally witnessed detention of a citizen by SOD officers; they recorded the detention but the law enforcement officers seized camera from them and deleted video-recording in the MIA; finally the clean video-cassette was returned to them.

It becomes more danger for journalists to carry out their professional activities. We urge everybody to take all measures to eradicate the interference in the professional activities of journalists in Georgia.”.


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