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Vano Does Not Like Ukrainian Democracy

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Vano Merabishvili is sure that real democracy means fair elections and Georgia is the country where fair elections are held. The minister said this in his interview with the Russian newspaper Kommersant. The interview was published on the website of the newspaper today.

Merabishvili claims that nobody restricts the freedom of speech in Georgia. Journalist Olga Alionova remarked that the government controls TV-channels in Georgia while there are a lot of independent TV-Channels in Ukraine. Merabishvili replied that “this does not mean democracy at all.”

“In Ukraine the candidate, who defeated the rival only with 3 %, won the elections. This 3 % was gained at the expense of one of the election districts where 97 % of voters took part in the elections. People joined the elections in the western part of Ukraine. In the eastern part, everybody came. Real democracy is when the government holds fair elections. Have you seen any region in Georgia where 97 % of voters took part in the elections?” said Merabishvili.

According to him, there is a law in Ukraine which imposes a fine of 500 USD on the policeman if he takes a bribe of less than 200 Grivna and keeps his job.

“It is impossible for me. Is it democracy? It does not happen in Georgia. Here, people do not steal even mobile phones because they will be sent to prison for 5 years for that,” said the minister.

The journalist noted that the government of Georgia wants to establish democracy through rough methods while everything is different in Ukraine. Vano Merabishvili replied, “In Ukraine they do not introduce the law and there they have serious problems with the legislation.”

“Democratic Ukraine – is a cliché. They do not like successful people. Thus, when Yushchenko lost the elections, everybody said it is democracy. In Georgia Saakashvili won the elections and everybody said there is no democracy. Today, everybody believes in these clichés,” said Merabishvili.

He was asked if the West was happy with the defeat of Yushchenko because it could resolve Ukrainian-Russian conflict; but Georgian-Russian conflict continues. Merabishvili replied that Yanukovich will have problems with Russia in 6 months.

“As soon as they start to divide money and positions, Yanukovich will have a conflict with Moscow. When Putin will request him to appoint his candidate on any positions, or to take somebody’s interests into consideration, their friendship will end. It happened in our case too,” said Merabishvili.


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