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No Justification for Terrorism!

Human Rights Center Expresses Sincere Condolences to Abkhaz People

The Human Rights Centre expresses its condolence to the families of those people who needlessly died in the terrorist acts on the territory Abkhazia. The center is deeply concerned over the recent incidents in conflict zone: terrorist acts that were carried out in Sokhumi, Gagra and Gali. These actions resulted into the death of several people and the wounding of many others.

The entire world condemns terrorism and it is a shame that innocent people have become victims of terrorism. We think the tragedy on Abkhazian territory is especially painful and destructive for both Abkhazian and Georgian societies. All of all should carefully analyze the problem and take urgent measures to avoid that such incidents will not be repeated in the future.

Terrorism widens the divide between nations and complicates the process of peaceful resolution of the unsettled conflict. These kinds of criminal activities result into a new wave of counter accusations. Furthermore, both sides have not adequately tried to thoroughly investigate these terrible acts of terrorism.

Recent events in Abkhazia tensed the relationship between Georgian and Abkhaz people. The Human Rights Center calls upon the Georgian Society to be more sensitive in sharing the pain of the people who live in conflict zone and strive to their best to rescue the relationship between the two nations.

The Human Rights Centre condemns all acts of terrorism and considers that such provocations are especially targeted at destroying peaceful negotiations. Terrorism can only destroy each nation!

The Centre appeals to Georgian authorities and international organization, and all interested stakeholders, to fully investigate the incidents in details, and to leally assess the fact related to this recent wave of terrorism.

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