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“The Human Rights Center’’ supports “Kavkasiuri Sakhli”


On August 2, in the center of cultural relations “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” the supporters of the organization gathered and protested against the possible cancellation of the organization.

As the director of “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” Naira Gelashvili stated, according to July 25 decree of President of Georgia, the legal person of public law “Smirnov Museum” was announced to be the legal substitute for “Kavkasiuri Sakhli.” Practically, this means the cancellation of “Kavkasiuri Sakhli.”

“Kavkasiuri Sakhli” has never received the official notice about this change. The Ministry of Culture has been ignoring us for years. They’ve never given us the answers. This is what’s happening now as well. In the years of 1998-99 the agreement was made between the European Fund “Horizon” and government of Georgia, according to which the European Fund ensured the restoration of Galaktioni #20 building with the precondition that “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” would be located there. If “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” is asked to leave this place, then the government shall give the million dollars used for the restoration of the building back. This is the precondition of the agreement and as we are informed, the President Saakashvili learned about this late. He was deceived when he signed the decree,” – stated Naira Gelashvili.

According to him, this decision can be serving two different purposes: “This is either the operation intended for certain punishment, the attempt of seizure of the building or provoking Russia.”

At the end of the gathering, the hall of “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” supporters was created and the gathering of signatures started for the support of the organization. Here is the text of the request to which the Human Rights Center joined as well.

According to the supporters of the Human Rights Center

“We’d like to express our protest against the cancellation of cultural relationship center “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” and the attempt of a seizure of the building which was restored and turned into a center of Georgian cultural life, education and Caucasian peace politics by this organization with the help of its European funds.

“Kavkasiuri Sakhli” is not just a local organization or a building.

“Kavkasiuri Sakhli” is a symbol, the vivid idea of future development, the role model that takes root in the past and lives in the hearts of every Caucasian.”
We should never stop dreaming and caring about peaceful Caucasia, where people are respectful and compassionate to each other, are fellowshipping and taking care of their cultural heritage together;

It’s the Georgian cultural relationship center “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” which has been serving these purposes despite the constant obstacles, which were always created against it from every direction.

“Kavkasiuri Sakhli” took care of hundreds of refugees and socially unprotected children, rehabilated them and brought up young people with democratic and global values. A lot of people fell in love of Caucasia because of their work.

“Kavkasiuri Sakhli” is the house of every peace loving and peaceful guest;
It’s the real hearth of meeting, talking and sharing; creative and public life.

This organization advanced the prestige of Georgia both in Caucasus and outside of it.
We are asking the Georgian government to give a consent to “Horizon” offer and affirm the whole building to “Kavkasiuri Sakhli,” except for the part where “Smirnov Museum” is located. The ransom money for this shall be the money paid for the restoration of the building or they can give this money back to the fund so it can purchase a new building for the organization. The agreements made between the Fund “Horizon” and Ministry of Culture in 1998-1999, say that in case this building is transferred to another organization, the fund has a right to get this money back (more than million dollars).
We, the citizens gathered in “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” on August 2 of this year, are creating the society of “Kavkasiuri Sakhli” supporters and are asking people holding the same views to join us.

P.S. If you agree with this statement and would like to join us, send us your letter to the e-mail of “Kavkasiuri Sakhli”: caucasianh@hotmail.com
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