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Clinton Sent Gilauri Home with Some Hard Homework


Clinton said that parliamentary elections of 2012 and then president elections of 2013 “should showcase, that the Georgian democracy not only meets, but exceeds international standards.”

Aleqsi Bejanishvili

US State Department published the official version of US Secretary General Hillary Clinton speech. Clinton gave a speck on October 6th at a meeting held in the frameworks of Charter of Strategic Partnership with Georgia. The meeting was attended by the PM Nika Gilauri, Ministry of Energy Aleksandre Khetaguri and the Assistant of State Secretary of USA Philip Gordon. According to Hillary Clinton, free elections, trustworthy institutions and active civil society is the guarantee for stability and legitimacy for any government.

Secretary General noted that USA, as a part of its obligation will not waver the support of Georgia in strengthening democracy so this country can become prosperous and protected member of family of western states.

According to Clinton’s statement, free elections, trustworthy institutions and active civil society is the guarantee for the long-term stability and legitimacy of any government.

“Democracy in Georgia has made great strides over the last seven years. The conduct of the municipal elections this May represented real tangible progress. But there is still a lot of work ahead to address issues of political competition, fundraising, and accountability, including a thorough investigation of any alleged irregularities in May’s elections,” – state Hillary Clinton.

According to Secretary General, “parliamentary elections in 2012 and the presidential elections in 2013 should showcase a Georgian democracy that not only meets, but exceeds international standards.” According to her evaluation, this will be important both for Georgian people and international concord.

Clinton noted that Georgia’s success in fight against corruption will play the role of same success for many other countries.

“We look forward to working with you toward these goals and encourage you to keep working with a cross section of Georgia’s civil society and opposition groups as you bolster Georgia’s democracy,” – stated Clinton.

According to the evaluation of US Secretary General Hillary Clinton, the constitutional reform is most obvious and significant challenge that Georgia is facing today.

As the official web site of US State Department reports, this was reported by Clinton at the meeting conducted in the frameworks of Charter of Strategic Partnership With Georgia.

“Constitutional reform is the most obvious and most important reform challenge facing Georgia today. It represents the opportunity for Georgians to build on everything you have accomplished since the Rose Revolution. And I hope the parliament will recognize that opportunity as it concludes its consideration of the constitutional reform package. The United States supports the recommendations that the Venice Commission has put forward for strengthening Georgia’s system of checks and balances. And we stand ready to assist in this process however we can,” – stated Clinton.

According to her, USA cares for security and democracy of Georgia and supports aspiration of Georgian people to build better future.

Inference of Venice Commission Has no Impact on Parliament’s Decision

According to speech of Hillary Clinton, US State Department, practically, directly indicated to the Georgian government to avoid the suspicious manipulations in adopting new constitution. The thing is that several days ago, Georgian parliament adopted the new constitution of the country with second reading by the constitutional majority of “National Movement.” Before the third reading, it’s been observed that parliamentary majority is not considering some very important recommendations of Venice Commission.

A member of the parliamentary majority Goka Gabashvili cannot understand why a conclusion of the Venice Commission shall put an end to the ongoing debates in the parliament of Georgia.

Gabashvili stated about it at the plenary session of the parliament on October 1 when the parliament was discussing the draft amendments to the constitution. Gabashvili replied to the MP Nika Laliashvili from the Christian-Democrat Movement, who had read the critic of the Venice Commission about the non-confidence that might be declared by the parliament towards the government. Based on the conclusion of the Venice Commission, Laliashvili requested to stop debates on this issue.

Goka Gabashvili said that conclusions of the Venice Commission cannot put an end to the ongoing debates in the parliament of Georgia because Georgia is a sovereign country and takes decisions independently.

“Only Georgian people and the parliament of Georgia can put an end to it,” said Gabashvili and assessed the constructive vote of non-confidence envisaged in the draft-constitution as very flexible.

Gabashvili recalled the government of Italy which is very close to Georgia with its political temperament and said that the government in Italy was changed within 12 months only because one person permanently changed fractions.

“Georgia cannot allow similar fact. When we discuss the non-confidence, it should rely on the conceptual issues instead moving from one to another fraction,” said Gabashvili.

The parliamentary opposition and the Venice Commission think that the procedures of declaring the non-confidence towards the government by the parliament is so delayed that it might cause political crisis.

Parliamentary majority didn’t perceive the opinion of US Secretary General Hillary Clinton as a criticism and reproof. The deputies of National movement Nugzar Tsiklauri and Lasha Tordia noted in a conversation with journalists, that all the remarks and recommendations of the Venice Commission are envisaged in the draft of constitutional project.

Deputies emphasize that State Constitutional Commission worked with the Venice Commission for a year; three basic inferences have been adopted. Also, they participated both in Sverling and Warsaw conferences and no more question mark exists regarding Venice Commission.

As for the remark that Parliament should have waited for the ultimate inference of Venice Commission, according to Nugzar Tsiklauri, this was the artificial desire of the opponents of government to permanently postpone this process that was unacceptable for government.

According to Interpressnews
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