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IDP in the Burning Center Fights Death


Shorena Latatia

The health state of IDP Nana Pipia treated in the Burning Center is still very heavy. Doctors are anticipating future worsening. On October 27th, Nana Pipia poured petrol and set herself on fire in front of the Ministry of IDPs from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees, and was inflicted with third A and third B quality thermal burnings.

According to IDPs, Nana Pipia tried to burn herself after talking with Grigol Tughushi, the head of Social Matters Department of Ministry.

“A day before the incident, Pipia left the Ministry very concerned. Tughushi told her that she would be given shelter in Potskhoetseri. Pipia stated that it was impossible to exist there and asked what she could do for living. Pasture the grass, - answered Tughushi,” – stated an Manana Kadaria, an IDP from Abkhazia while talking with Human Rights Center who talked with Nana Pipia in several minutes after the incident.

The Ministry of IDPs from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees disseminated an official statement concerning the incident. Ministry just states that Pipia was offered a residence place in the region, but she refused to accept it.

“As we know, Nana did not have a pretension for going to the region. She was the one asking to be accommodated in Rustavi, but the Ministry representatives told her she could not be accommodated alone and asked to gather people and they would be accommodated together. But how could Nana gather people?! Several days before the attempt of suicide Nana asked Mr. Tughushi a question who answered that the question did not belong to his competence. Then Nana asked him to tell what belonged to his competence and she would choose the relevant question if interested. Tughushi got mad at her and said she was impolite. Nana worried about this a lot. She was saying that she was driven to such state that could address non-orthodox way,” – stated Pipia’s friends while talking to Human Rights Center.

According to the director of Burning Center Kote Sakhvadze, the medical treatment costs of Nana Pipia will be fully covered by state.

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