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“Free Democrats” Against 2011 State Budget


The Free Democrats once more made statement about the 2011 state budget and spoke about unhealthy economical management of the country.

The deputy chairperson of the political party Tea Tsulukiani said at the press-conference today that although the government of Georgia declared the economy is being stably developing, the state budget will be reduced at 93 million GEL in 2011.

According to her, in similar conditions, the salaries are increased at 75 million GEL but the so-called “other expenses” will increase at 127 million GEL.

Tsulukiani said that the tax revenues will increase at 784 million GEL, 430 million GEL of it is made up by the VAT and excise payment. “That means, the population has to cover 57% of the revenues,” she said.

The deputy chairperson thinks the increase of the revenue tax at 236 million GEL is unreal. She said that it is impossible to increase the salaries and dividends at 1, 2 billion GEL in a year in the country with such economics. That means, the already sequestered budget will be more reduced.

“The budget for healthcare is horrible. Although the government promised “everything will be perfect in the healthcare, we have received reduction at 9,6 million GEL in fact. The healthcare programs were reduced with 32 million GEL and social allowances with 12 million GEL. In addition, the expenditure funds for the healthcare ministry were reduced with 5 million GEL and for the education ministry at with 2 million GEL,” said Tsulukiani.

The funds for the Patriarchate of Georgia were also reduced with 2, 5 million GEL particularly the grants for the religions education and promotion of religious activities with 2, 9 million GEL.

Tsulukiani said the prognosis of the government enclosed to the budget is a precursor of the social collapse. More precisely, according to those prognosis, the average pension will not reach 100 GEL before 2014 either though the president promised the population to increase pensions up to 100 USD in 2009. Taking the inflation in consideration, the average purchase ability of the pension will be reduced at 30 % minimum.

Tsulukiani claims that based on those prognoses the expenses for social welfare of population will increase with 20 million GEL by 2014 that means 10 GEL for a person.

“The mass distribution of medical policies among population demonstrates the “stable false” of the government because by 2014 only additional 124 million GEL will be spent on this purpose in the country while at least 300 million GEL is necessary to implement all those programs which were promised by the government. The healthcare funds will be reduced at 30 million GEL because of poor activities of the government and it will cause complete collapse of the healthcare system in the country,’ she said.

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