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Trade Union of Teachers Meets Media and NGOs

On December 21members of the executive council of the Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists, who have declared boycott, met the media and NGO representatives in the Akaki Khorava House of Actors. . They talked about the current critical situation in the organization.

After Mnana Ghurchumelidze resigned from the position of the president of the Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists on October 30, Maia Kobakhidze was elected as a President. Part of the TU thinks that Kobakhidze is not a legitimate president because the election was held through procedural violations.

According to the chairwoman of the Tbilisi city council of the TU Ekaterine Cherkezishvili, on the election day124 of 203 delegates left the hall in protest. The new president was elected without quorum; so the election is illegitimate and the results must be declared fraud.
“Maia Kobakhidze could not present her future program properly. She could not convince the delegates that the organization would overcome the hardest situation if she was elected president. Thus, we decided not to take part in the election. Besides that, our doubt increased when the TU chairman Irakli Petriashvili stated that the journalists would not be allowed to attend the session. So, we decided it was useless to take part in the elections and 124 delegates left the hall in protest,” Eka Cherkezishvili said.

She added that the new president Maia Kobakhidze has already started to dismiss her opponents from the TU. Eka Cherkezishvili and other representatives of the executive council request to annul election results and hold new elections. They have already appealed to the court.
                                                                                                                           Salome Achba
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