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The Lawyer Talks about Next Legal Nonsense Made for the benefit of Erekle Kodua’s brother-in-law

The lawyer Mamuka Nozadze talks about the legal nonsense made for the benefit of Erekle Kodua’s brother-in-law Misha Zhorzholiani.

As the lawyer of Vladimir Dolidze detained with Misha Zhorzholiani stated to Pirveli, since the case of Zhorzholiani and other individuals detained with him Davit Benidze, Konstantine Chachava and Irakli Ghlonti was singled as a separate proceeding from Dolidze case, these individuals became witnesses in Dolidze case. However, everyone but Ghlonti refused to give testimony to Court. And this is a legally punishable case.

“After being summoned as witnesses Misha Zhorzholiani, Davit Benidze and Konstantine Chachava refused to give testimony. Only Irakli Ghlonti was interrogated who spoke about the violations committed by the law-enforcement officers while the detainment. The individual summoned as witness does not have right to refuse to give testimony. People are arrested because of this. For some reason, the exception was made for this individual,” – stated Nozadze.

According to him, there are many other rough violations in Dolidze case that does not comply with any legal norm.

“The fact itself that except for Dolidze, four individuals detained according to paragraph second of article 353 were released under mortgage is unfair since only Dolidze had medical inference. This inference confirms that his health state is severe. The motive for Zhorzholiani’s release was unprecedented – pregnancy of his wife. Later, the Office of Prosecutor requested the separating the case of these four individuals. He named very strange motive – “the prisoners need to be interrogated and this case might get protracted.” But, in reality all the witnesses are interrogated and the court investigation – completed. Thus, presenting this kind of motivation by the Office of Prosecutor is absolutely illogical and aims to leave Dolidze under imprisonment,” – explains lawyer.

In the middle of April, police detained Vladimir Dolidze, Misha Zhorzholiani and Davit Benidze in a street fight. Two of their friends were detained along with these individuals – Konstantine Chachava and Irakli Ghlonti. All five of them were sentenced to two month preliminary arrest as a compulsory measure. Apart from Dolidze, all of the detainees were released under mortgage.

According to Mamuka Nozadze, the case concerns an incident occurred several years ago when Vladimir Dolidze and his father Shalva Dolidze were judged for hooliganism on account of shooting in Bakhmaro forest.

According to lawyer’s allegation, Vladimir Dolidze “was predestined for imprisonment and in reality his is discriminated because of one more case that was already heard in Strasbourg Court and he decision will be announced soon.”

Information Agency Pirveli
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