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NGOs Appealing to Ministry of Interior Affairs and Prosecutor General’s Office to launch Investigation on Crackdown of Veterans’ Action


12 NGOs appeal to the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Prosecutor General’s Office to launch investigation on the crackdown of veterans’ action on 3 January.

The appeal will be presented to these departments today. It was signed by 12 NGOs: Georgian Young Lawyers Association, Open Society Foundation, Transparency International Georgia, International Society for Fair Elections and Society, Article 42 of Constitution, Human Rights Center, Multinational Georgia, magazine Liberali, Media Club, Levan Mikeladze Foundation, Georgian Legion, Association Justice and Liberty.

The NGOs have read the address at a joint news conference today.

As Tamar Chugoshvili, chairwoman of the Yong Lawyers’ Association stated police had exceeded their authorities on 3 January, which was a criminal crime. Chugoshvili said that the above-mentioned crime was obvious from video materials released by Palitra TV and Caucasus TV.

Chugoshvili said the law on manifestation enshrined by the Constitution had roughly been violated on 3 January. The policemen committed crime of criminal nature, he added. According to Chugoshvili, the request on the disbandment of the action was illegal. They did not have right to resound this request. Chugoshvili gave explanations on the information disseminated by MIA and noted that being under the alcohol influence does not give grounds for detainment. According to her, MIA noted as if the action participates resisted police when requested to take down the tents. Chugoshvili notes that the request of taking down the tents was an illegal request.

NGOs are demanding criminal prosecution against a part of the policemen, and administrative punishment of the rest. According to their statement, this must be determined as a result of investigation

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