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Court Does not Believe in Tears of IDPs

On January 20, the city court imposed fine of 400 GEL on Julieta Tsindeliani, Irina Pirtskhelani and Bela Khergiani who were detained by police officers.  The member of the “Free Georgia” Gia Kruashvili  and head of the “IDP Civil Movement”  Manuchar Sigua were  sentenced to 14 days administrative imprisonment. The lawyer of the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvlili attended the trial

The detainees were charge for the resistance to police officers and minor hooliganism (Articles 173 and 166 of the Administrative Code of Georgia).

According to Nino Andriashvili, the evidences provided against the detainees were not enough. The Judge did take into account any palliative circumstance in the case materials.

The lawyer of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association represented the detained IDPs at the court. The Judge gave only 15 minutes to her to study the case material and present her speech.

The detainees alleged that a police officer, who acted as a witness at the court and was talking about the incident in the students’ dormitory, was not at the place during the incident at all. 

The head of the “IDP Public Movement” Manuchar Sigua stated at the trial he was victim of provocation. He had done nothing wrong when police officers dragged him into the area where the police officers did not allow to enter behind bars.

The fined IDP women are socially disabled people and mothers of many children. One of them has cancer. According to Nino Andriashvili, the judge did not take into account these palliative circumstances when passing verdict. 

Salome Achba

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