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Chiauri Forest Might Get Flooded

Millions of GEL allocated by the Caucasus Office of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is spent on the rehabilitation of the Chiauri Forest though it might still be flooded. The coordinator of the Chiauri Forest Rehabilitation Project Zaza Shavliashvili informed the Kakheti News Center that the river bed of the River Kabali shall be cleaned otherwise during the rain it might flood the forest.

“The river-bed shall be cleaned in the distance of 4 kilometers. The River threats not only the forest but local population and their agricultural plots. It is district problem and local government shall eradicate the problem because donor organizations work only on the rehabilitation of the forest,” said Zaza Shavliashvili.

Lagodekhi district governor Dimitry Loladze said the River Kabali does not threat the local population. “The Chiauri Forest belongs to the Ministry of Environment and we are not aware whether the Forest will get flooded or not. As for local people, the River Kabali flows in its usual bed and does not threat population,” said the governor and added that they spent 3 865 687 GEL on the cleaning of the bed of the River Kabali.

We kindly remind you that the bed of the Kabali River was blocked by stones and trees at the distance of 15 891, 80 meters and it flooded the Chiauri Forest. From 1996 till 2006 the forest was flooded and it resulted into withering of unique oak and other trees. In addition to that, endangered animals and birds presented in the Red Book disappeared. The rehabilitation process of the forest started in 2009 with the financial support of the WWF.

Kakheti News Center
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