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Sakashvili Still Abodes “Zero Tolerance”

The president criticized the opponents for remembering “innocently killed boys”. On February 11, President Mikheil Saakashvili made speech at the parliament of Georgia and after the debates he responded to the MPs and said – “it is old mechanism to zombie people.”

“The robber, who was killed by police officers several days ago, might be mentioned among those boys and it is very good because in 2004 that robber killed 4 police officers and badly wounded an officer of the special unit now. Among those boys are those robbers who robbed people under threat of gun and then part of the opposition set up statues to them in the city center for their hero deeds because they were killed by the police officers,” said the president.

He added that according to the research carried out by the EU the criminal level in Georgia is the lowest after Iceland. Saakashvili said situation in Georgia in this direction is better than even in Germany.

“I do not speak about Ukraine and Russia where the criminal situation is five times worse than in our country. My statement about Zero Tolerance towards Crime which I made several years ago from this tribune brought similar result in our country and I repeat the same today. I want our children to walk in the street peacefully, our cars should not be necessarily parked in the garages and houses shall not be locked behind ugly bars and visitors of Georgia shall feel themselves secure and pleased,” said Saakashvili.

The president said the government achieved it in one of the most criminal state.

Khatuna Kalmakhelidze is constructing new and high-standard prisons in Georgia.

“It is our price what we pay for our security. We feed our prisoners better than our soldiers. Though they do not deserve it,” said Saakashvili.


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