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Drivers of Route Mini-Buses Hold Protest Rally in Rose Square

The drivers and former owners of the route mini-buses held protest rally in Rose Square today.

The participants request abolishment of the tender results which was announced by the Tbilisi City Hall.

They said the tender was unfair. Most drivers will remain unemployed and without income. One part of it, who accepted the proposal of the winning companies, has already faced problems.

The drivers said, according to the scheme created according to the tender results, the transportation fee will increase.

They said the winning companies are responsible to bring new mini-buses to the city. Consequently, old mini-buses will not be allowed to work in the capital. Before the new buses arrive in Tbilisi, the owners of the old buses will have to pay 10 GEL to the company per day.

The drivers will have to pay 10 GEL per day but they will have to pay some new taxes as well. More precisely, they will have to pay 35 GEL for the new mini-bus; the companies will make the drivers to purchase the new buses within 5 years and consequently, daily payment will be 35 GEL.

The members of the opposition parties participated in the protest rally. They said they will struggle for the rights of mini-bus drivers till the end.

The Tbilisi City Hall held tender for the transport companies several weeks ago where “TbilCar,” TbilLine,” “PublicCar” and “Capital Group” won.

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