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President’s Administration Responds to Article “Letter Sent to President Returns” published on humanrights.ge


Salome Achba

The Administration of Georgian President has responded to the article published on the internet-magazine of Human Rights Center – www.humanrights.ge – “Letter Sent to President Returns.”

The article talked about Galina Oganesian, who is severely disabled and lives under poverty line. She had sent an e-mail to the President and had asked for help. The e-mail returned with the error message “the indicated electronic address has a problem of receiving.”

In the letter sent to Human Rights Center, the President’s Administration confirms that the internet page of the President really had problems that hindered the receiving of e-mails. This is the letter of the head of Public Relations Service of the President’s Administration Khatuna Nutsubidze:

The Administration of Georgian President
To the NGO Human Rights Center

We would like to notify you regarding the article “Letter Sent to President Returns” published on your internet page (www.humanrights.ge). The goal of the service Letter to President offered on the internet page of the President of Georgia (www.president.gov.ge) is to enable the citizens to address the President directly and without hindrance regarding the problems and the issues interesting for them. The popularity of the service is increasing that singlehandedly reflects on the success of this project.

However, one of the obstacles for the operation of the service can be the derangement of the information technologies caused by the intensive cyber attacks the target of which, unfortunately, has become the internet page of the President for the recent period. In order to avoid the data losing, this service is regulated in the automatic regime. Consequent from the above mentioned, sometimes we cannot receive the letters sent by the citizens.

In order to improve the service, any information on the existing shortcomings is important for us. The President’s Administration has been informed on the abovementioned problems and the service works without hindrance now.

Head of Public Relations Service
Khatuna Nutsubidze

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2011-04-07 13:47
თუ სცადეთ გაგეგზავნათ ამ შეტყობინების შემდეგ წერილი?
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