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Residents of Village Mleta Taking Turns for Sleeping

May 17, 2011

Tea Topuria

The sufferers of the landslide in the village Mleta are afraid that the landslide erupt again in spring and destroy their houses. Last year, the landslide locked the river-bed and the water flooded the houses. Approximately 15 families were promised to be evacuated but the sufferers of the natural disaster still live in the destroyed houses.

There is no house in Kvemo Kartli worth living. Most of them are covered by the stones and rocks brought by the river. The people are under the fear of the natural disaster every day. The landslide may fall in spring again. People take turns to sleep to escape the critical situation.

Tsisana Zakaidze, sufferer of natural disaster: “The River has not flooded yet. But it definitely will as the snow is melting up in the mountains. I took my grandchild out of here, but other people have children. When the weather is bad, we take turns for sleeping.”

Temur Nozghaidze has been living in the flooded house with two children. He cleaned the surrounding territory by tractor but this will not protect them from the landslide.

Temur Nozghaidze, sufferer of the natural disaster: “We addressed all instances. Nobody helped us. I used to support National Movement. But they did nothing for me. I addressed the local government of the region. Everybody knows that we are suffering, but nobody helped us. Nobody evicted us or gave compensation. They built Tserovani in a month. Why is it so hard to evict 15 families?”

The locals state that they are redirected from one Ministry to another, but nobody helps them eventually.

Ioseb Zarkaidze, commissioner of Kvesheti Community: “We are waiting for the response of the Ministry of Regional Development. They came and said that they would evict population to Gudauri. We notified the local government how many families needed evacuation. These are my people and I feel their pain. It is spring and the same thing might happen again.”

The Governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region Tsezar Chocheli states that they offered the Mleta population to be evacuated to the surrounding territory, but they did not like this idea. The negotiations are continuing on this issue.

Tsezar Chocheli: “We can evacuate them temporarily in the surrounding villages, but they do not want so. As for the issue of permanent evacuation, our regional service is working on this it. We need to choose the places and allot the money. The central budget should allot money.”

According to Ioseb Zakaidze, if the natural disaster re-erupts, the population will be transferred to the school building temporarily.

“What school, how can we go to school?! How can I bring the cow to school?!” – states the local Temur Nazghadze.