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Approximately 200 Thousand Exhibits Bulked in Boxes

About 200 thousand exhibits are bulked in the boxes including the items of the antique times in Gurjaani archeological-ethnographic Preservation of Georgian National Museum. The experts informed the Kakheti Information Center that the unique items kept in the preservation fund are facing the danger as they are placed in improper conditions.

The exhibits are placed in the frowsty space. The rooms are locked and they get opened couple of times in a month. According to the specialists, the written exhibits face the particular danger as they get molded due to moisture. The metal items are being rusted. The Bakari Bible published in 1743 is seriously damaged.

Gurjaani archeological-ethnographic Preservation of Georgian National Museum has been operating since 2008 as an Ethnographic Preservation Fund. Before the ethnographical museum was located in this place.
The head of the preservation fund Gogita Bezhitashvili states that “nothing gets bad in the boxes. There is no dampness and water in the items.”

“When the ethnographical museum was turned into the Preservation Fund, it was planned to build one more room where the exhibition hall would be. The church is being constructed next to this building right now and it has not been decided yet what will happen to this place,” – stated Bezhitashvili. 

No exhibition has been arranged in the preservation fund for the last three years. The stores of domestic items have been built in the yard of Preservation fund without permission.

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Kakheti Information Center
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